Massive Memory Leak


since yesterday the eve client has a massive memory leak. I can literally see how memory consumption progresses until pc memory is full and pc stops working. It happened first yesterday ( i did not realize until pc died) and happened today as well while I was watching my 32GB of RAM being fully utilized within one hour. I did not start any program except the eve launcher and exefile.exe. My operating system is Windows 7.


That’s a problem on your end. The launcher doesn’t do anything nasty (I checked) and the client is a 32-bit application and literally can’t allocate more than 4GB of ram.

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i should have added I am running 14 clients at the same time.

And i agree it is not the fault of the launcher.

i can see exefile.exe allocating more and more ram and opening loads of handles.
exefile.exe usually was about 100-150mb ram, now it is way over 1G per client instance

I did some research and the memory consumption is only a side effect of what actually happens. exefile.exe opens a huge (!) amounts of handles. while another client has 855 handles open, the rest of the clients is currently at 3.000.000 open handles and growing at about 250 handles per second. as these handles consume ram, it will fill up eventually

Even more research… the handle count increases only when undocked. after i dock again, the number of handles is stable.

reinstalled the game, lost all my settings, but its working again

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