64 bit client use 50% more ram per client

After switching to 64 bit, my clients were using 930k to 990k, nearly a gig of ram each. In 32 bit my clients are only 630-680k ram each.

Is this supposed to happen? I hope CCP will not force 64 bit upon us, or my pc will not be able to handle it without some major upgrades.

Think about it…

…32 bit vs 64 bit…

Its double the data processing, so 680kb vs 990kb is less than double.

50% more ram usage when i’m already running at near max ram usage is going to mean i am forced to upgrade if they remove the option of 32 bit in the future.

And that’s not exactly a simple case of ‘buy bigger ram’.

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Tweak your OS a bit ?

Most simple solution is, remove your ram and buy several high-quality sticks. Last time I checked it was better to just have twice the same ram sticks than various sticks (because the north bridge had to work at the slowest clock).

I mean, 1GB is pretty low for any recent computer. And with at least 10GB you should not really care about this.

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There is a thing call page memory, which uses a portion of your hdd to expand memory.

Have you considered that someone running several accounts uses a lot more memory? Many EVE players run multiple accounts. Suddenly requiring 50% more memory will really mess that up.

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No I did not.

So what you are saying is that going from 64 b to 32 b may force you to unsub a third of your accounts ?

I’ll have to sub less accounts or go through a lengthy process of upgrading my computer. Not as simple as buying more ram for some. My computer is at it’s max ram for my operating system.

I demand CCP gives me 1 isk every time this word is used incorrectly as compensation for the effort it takes me to beat Billy in rage.


Alternatively dont use google or FB when EvEing.

Why don’t you quote the entire paragraph instead of pretending that you’re smart.

“I hope CCP will not force 64 bit upon us, or my pc will not be able to handle it without some major upgrades.”

CCP said in the future they might do away with the 32 bit client version. Therefore, if they do that, that is considered forcing anyone who wants to play to use 64 bit. Am I wrong, oh wise one?

32-bit will be removed 100% confirmed by CCP. Read dev blog and discussions with devs on first 64-bit mass test topics.

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Yes, I dont see where force is being applied.

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Not sure why i’m bothering to dignify a response to a clown who wants to argue about nothing at all. Argue for the sake of arguing. You’re a smart one. And since you’re going to be pedantic, i’m going to point out that you don’t know how to use basic grammar, such as apostrophes.

They said in the dev blog they may remove the option of 32 bit. Meaning if you want to play EVE, you’ll be forced to use the 64 bit version because they have removed the 32 option.

I can see you are responding, yet again. I’m not going to dignify any further responses to you in your pathetic meaningless argument about nothing important.

Clearly you know all about punctuation.

There you go again.

No, you wont. And oddly enough you wont be “forced” as you put it by CCP.

You’ll be required by a incoming universal standard.

I suppose they “force” you to play EvE on a PC and not an Amiga.

Seriously, dry your eyes.

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Please no aggression. I thought you were a moron until you asked a question very calmly that made me understand your issue.

In that case, if they remove 32b they litterally force you to use 64b so to eat more ram per process.

Oh come on seriously.

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I wouldn’t bother arguing with Ramona. I believe he has some sort of issue, where he has to pick on one specific meaningless thing and he just has to say something about it and can’t let go.

Dont you mean from me?

And yet there you are quoting me to attract my attention.
You should probably just drop this, and then look up what “application of force” means.

Probably take a rest before you get any angrier too x

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Why don’t you go find some other random threads, where you can continue to make valuable use of yours and other people’s time, arguing about how you don’t like about the way someone worded something.