How do I launch the x64 client?

Hello all,

Sorry, I haven’t played in awhile and am coming back for the 10k battle tomorrow. I heard there is a 64-bit client. I’ve updated Eve but dont 'see an option to launch x64 – can anyone please advise? Thank you!

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The x64 client hasn’t been released yet - it’s coming in the spring/summer of this year.


Thank you!

May I ask, for the aether wars test tomorrow, I downloaded the 700mb zip, do we have to connect to a test server, if so, what is it called?

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Aether wars is not directly related to EVE, it only uses ship models etc. EVE uses. It doesn’t play in EVE servers, it’s just its own thing.

Here’s a screenshot about how it goes down from their Discord server

And here’s an invite link if you wanna ask them questions :slight_smile:

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