EVE: Aether Wars - Holy hell, guys! ❤

We were speaking with our friends over at Hadean recently, and the topic of the number of signups was raised.

More than 12,000 - a huge proportion of them EVE players, and the number keeps rising.

I’m closing on being a 17 year vet of EVE Online, and I’m super stoked about the potential benefits that EVE could see long term from a project like the one Hadean is working on.

Granted, I cheated a little, but I was one of the first to sign up to be a part of the test.


I just wanted to drop a huge thank you out to the whole community for how much you guys have embraced this project - there seems to be a massive amount of enthusiasm for it among EVE pilots and I’m super proud of how hardcore our community is support this.


I’m also curious as to what made many of you guys sign up. Anyone want to share their thoughts?

I’d be interested to hear how long you’ve been playing, and what made you fill out the form to take part? Was it curiosity? A will to make EVE better? Wanting to try something crazy?

Let’s hear your thoughts, and let me know how long you’ve been playing too :slight_smile:

Super curious!


I’ve only been playing a bit over a year. Saw Hilmar post on twitter about visiting them a month or so ago. Had a look and I could see how it could apply to some of the challenges Eve faces in terms of numbers of ships in a system, so I signed up back then.

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I want to break the internet, I figure than many Eve players in one place is bound to do it. :grin:

Technically the person behind the character has been here since July 2003.

For me it’s the potential Aether represents - not just for EvE or even gaming in general, but all the myriad of applications that might become possible. Also, I like that CCP isn’t gambling it’s rl isk and dev time on this.

Closing fast on 11 years since I first dipped my toes in the wonderful (cess)pool of New Eden.

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Yeah, same here - I love the potential benefits for EVE, but the applications for this kind of cloud computing are pretty much endless.

Let’s just hope we don’t end up with SkyNet :rofl:


I joined up as its a viable answer to the deadlock that Nullblock warfare is becoming with TiDi being the defacto standard and not the exception anymore.

If we can alleviate or remove TiDi in game it has the possibility of reigniting Nullsec in certain areas.

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how can I say “I was there”

if I wasn’t



I’m an arms manufacturer myself (established 2004), anything that helps capsuleers to quickly blow up lots of ships is good for business.

You asked us to break stuff… thats our FAVOURITE thing!!! :heart:

Too late, the MOD started putting up the SkyNet satellites in the late 60’s; it’s a communications net and still in use as far as I know.

I haven’t signed up. I’m happy for the people who like the concept of big fights running smoothly, but I’m much more excited about balance changes incoming that affect everyone, large and especially small. Just changing a few numbers in a database (intelligently, please!) directly affects my day-to-day game play.

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I signed up because I was interested in the technology and engine

Unfortunately, now that they have released the exact time, I now know that I will not be able to participate in the test due to RL reasons.

I would be curious to know many of the people who signed up are from the US or other USTZ countries. It seems likely that a fairly significant portion of those will be no-shows as well.



I created this character back in October 2010. I played during 3 years then I stopped. { Insert here a 5 years long break } I have just resumed playing a few months ago.

My first huge battle occurred only recently, for the 64 bits client mass test on the Duality server. And I must confess that I LOVED it !!
If possible, I will be part of all mass tests. Trying to make EVE Online better is gratifying.

And if, thanks to these tests, we, players, can help make EVE Online support huge battle like this upcoming one (with thousands of players, without TIDI, and even if the game reduces the graphics quality automatically), that would be awesome.

I like helping in order to make the game better, that is why I also suggested these little feature requests (I hope these ideas are being considered by CCP devs).

12,000 and rising! Yay!

I have been playing since October 2010, with some periods of inactivity, but ever since the Alpha clones were introduced, I have been here, enjoying EVE. I am mostly a carebear, but occasionally I dive into wormholes with my corpmates, fleet abyss too. I love most of the stuff, but exploration, Roleplay and live events are my favorite.

I also have a blog, where I post various crazy ideas that I got, contributing for a better EVE. Been doing it since November 2011. I post rarely, but thank God I keep doing it. Blog is linked in my info.

I signed up for the test, cause it sounds awesome. It was a pretty spontaneous decision, a mix of “Yay, huge battle!” and “I’d love to help test this for improving EVE!” and the excitement of a promising server tech that is coming to revolutionize the way we play games.

I just hope my modest PC can handle it. XD

Overall I love the way you guys at CCP work on making EVE better, listening to the Community and so on, there has been so much going on. Keep up the good work!

:heart: :rocket: :sun_with_face:

Signed up coz there will be nerds from r/starcitizen to haze. Tag yourself [EVE] or [SC] on the day.

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Been playing just over a year now (not this character, 2nd account), it looked cool so i signed up. the battles in null look cool as cinematic but suck to be in. if this works and 10k players can fight with no ti-di its possible that those big battles could become a bigger spectical, maybe even with more destruction as downtime comes 10 times slower.

also being part of a world record is just cool

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I signed up because I’m hoping that this lends itself to something tangible toward EVE’s “one universe” concept. I’m hoping that it provides the groundwork for inter-connectivity between the different games in the franchise and, ultimately, so that I can play an EVE shooter in a shared universe.


Well, that’s one motivator I guess :rofl:

Glad to see you’re hooked hehe :heart: