Eve online new anchor wars tech demo

recently I heard about something that’s really awesome it’s called Eve online aether wars by tech demo and it is supposed to be the most biggest and most best challenge in the whole world. Obvious kinds of things or Eve online. But I’m in a question is it supposed to work like this forever or you’re waiting and this is as far as you get?

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Aether wars is a tech demo of server software, the test lasted for 1 hour so they could stress the servers, its not actually a game and yes you’ll be waiting for a long time as ther eis no phase 3 currently scheduled and even then you’ll need the new client to participate, the only reason it has anything to do with EVE is that CCP provided the graphical assets for the client and because eventually the server is planned to run on top of the OS that Hadean is developing and testing


If that is so, why they dont use EVE server (similar to SISI) and client for testing, and use hadean to actually show what they mean by running on top of OS?

What is the actual reason they have to construct anything EVE side from scratch if that OS is being designed to run things on top of it? Would that mean recoding whole EVE server and client to be compatible with this OS? I hope CCP will not get into such deal. They would be relying on third party OS that would become a backbone for whole game, drastic.

Because no game company uses a 3rd party software at all.

They use with some fees, and they rely on availability of cloud or other server. But it would give additional chain link in case of EVE, when everything would rely on that OS functioning, that additional chain link could also fail additionally to other links, only this would be the first link to rely on not failing. Probability of failing rises with amount of links, like with eve chat problems.

But I would really want to get answer, how it will affect EVE development patterns. Because it obviously needs a lot of stuff to be changed? I dont know, I would want to know. Or maybe they are in such a point that they did not exactly tested it with EVE server at all, and dont know what amount of work is needed actually, and if that is open question, then these were entirely pointless tests for US, CCP provided only some testing numbers and that is all, without any actual major comittment. Hadean only getting some major boost(?) in recognizability maybe, and maybe some experience(?).

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Thats it in a nutshell

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If possibility of removing tidi and others updates to TQ network or servers is pointless…

Well at least other games will benefit from new technology.

Whole enginie is on so early stage that they don’t know if it will work or is there a point in future development. It probable will take years to finish, not even talking about implementing in EVE. This is new tech from scratch and CCP just give assets for 3d engine and people for testing. They simply can’t lose anything if something will fail. But if it will work this can be huge step for EVE.

I think its fairly not thoughtful of CCP to not go with people who have experience like Improbable. When I hear Hadean, red warning light is lighting up for me, too new, without experience and a bad partner for such a company like CCP. If they will buy into marketing talk of Hadean, they may experience cold shower later. I just want to spare them that.

Also integration with EVE would mean what actually? I havent heard about what amount of work would it need, or maybe making EVE 2.0 would be better then…

Probable similar amount as porting to dx 12 etc. and I guess this is on servers not eve (client) itself.
There wont be EVE 2.0 Devs said this enough times. They will just upgrade what we have and this can be one of upgrades.

Also, considering that CCP gives them everything for testing I bet that CCP holds all cards. If we wont allow new and young people to develop new ideas we would still be siting in caves. I support new companies more than another monopoly of giants

That test didnt show like they have given anything more than few art assets. It did not look like everything for sure…

Its not about caves, its about what product they actually have to show. They are certainly competitor for Improbable, they offer something similar but unfinished. Its about the actual stuff you buy and work with.

This seems like the marketing campaign from Hadean more than anything, to catch up on with Improbable, being years behind. Also a way to make a news about EVE.

I hope CCP is not commiting to anything with Hadean instead of improbable, commiting would be like starting in a marathon with both legs tied from beginning.

I think they dont even know how they could to that with Hadean when the Hadean doesnt have finished product. You seem to be sure about that, somehow…

They know enough but people don’t understand that we get only limited information and this is not a new game. This new network engine that for EVE brings only changes “under hood”. People expect too much from this.

Also considering that it is in so early stage everyone can only guess outcome.

CCP probable gets way more informations than we get.

I quit discussion here because I see no point in more speculations based on almost nothing or only marketing sheets.

Because that would require having EVE server code sitting on a 3rd party server, and i doubt CCP wants to risk having it potentially leaked anywhere, i’m not saying Hadean would end up getting breeched but the more points of failure you have the more likely it becomes

Because they need to create clients that can stress the server in specific ways while making them disposable enough that it doesn’t matter what happens to them

If that OS manages to eliminate TiDi thats a pretty fair risk for them to take, EVE is a very unique case and them being able to demonstrate performance increases in that would be a massive PR benefit for them and open up a lot more interest in their company

Nearly 4 years old is “too young” for a business partner? :stuck_out_tongue:

I was on time for that and I was waiting a long time. When they had me to go into it and I was waiting there and waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting and it wouldn’t play and then when I was about to play it glitched off

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It’s a freaking TECH DEMO, Marcus. It’s not even close to being anything complete or playable at this stage. It’s just a testbed for new technology that might at some future date get incorporated into Eve’s server architecture.

Well over 3000 people were able to connect and help stress the servers during the 1 hour window the server was up, you should have asked on the discord server if you were having issues

Was it really freaking?

Yeah but I was right there I’m not trying to argue or make it difficult in conversation. I was just right there. And I was waiting to be into the test and see what goes there so I can have my opinion. Even my friends the Marquis dragon and reload. So I tried to get my opinion I answered my question saying I gave their honest answer when you guys emailed me from Eve online on the commentary. What did I think about it so I answered it. are we still have out there someone who is scamming and taking things from people. And not paying them for it as it was promised.

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