Devblog: EVE Aether Wars: Phase Two – Join The Fight!

Check out this devblog for all the details on EVE Aether Wars: Phase two, and more information on how you can get involved in testing!

Read all about it in the blog from CCP Burger here!


I’d sign up, but considering how I feel about the direction of the game right now I’m very close to biomassing my last 2 characters.


This tech demo and test is part of trying to make the game better in terms of performance.

Why not take part and try to help with improvements?



No one care’s about better performance now.


Unfortunately this has some truth. In a time without big battles, created by CCPs wrong decisions to be clear, nobody has reason to complain about TiDi.


It’s not the performance of the game I have issues with, I’m fine with that plus my rig can easily cope with whatever you throw at it. I took part in the first one btw.

As I said, it’s purely down to the direction the game is going.

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I here ya kinda going down hill :frowning:


Ive applied! For your chance at shooting me dead and shutting my irritating mouth for five fing seconds, sign up!

Whats the free gifts more specifically pls


please give me your stuff…

Changing a standstill to a “more insecure gameplay” is not may be inconviniend for some ,but it’s what HAS to be done…

And it’s me,a guy that defends every change to more casual with teeth and claws,that is saying this…

I know how you feel and I soo sympathize with you.

Can I has your stuff? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Forget Duro, when did he ever support your feelings?

I’ll help, and in return you can make regular cynos Banned in Empire Space = True

You know you want too :slight_smile:

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Nice stuff.
Although blog probably needs some kind of to-the-point-for-the-lazy TL;DR at the beginning with the date of phase two.
First date you notice quickly browsing through text is 17:30 UTC on March 20th which kind of creates feeling of outdated blog. :upside_down_face:

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You and your honeyed words…I like honey…

While we have done a lot to keep up with you guys and there is still some progress we can make, if we want to realize the dream of 10,000+ pilot fleet fights then we need to accept that the current hamsters simply won’t do. <— quoted from

Why is this a thing? I’d have thought the dream was to make a great game ?
Am I the only one who just doesn’t care about monster sized fights ?
IMO it feels like you guys are chasing a number just for the sake of it. Does eve actually need to field 10k+ player fights ? Are they so common that the entire integrity of the game rely on achieving this ?
I mean if those huge events are super common and the fact we can’t have such huge numbers on the field is harming everyone’s gaming experience please let me know so I can shut up. But for me personally I’d like to see work go into polishing other aspect of the game like FW or pve or exploration or expand on the lore/have more live events.


for years @CCP_Falcon all you lot did was put bells and whistles on eve making it more and more laggy you lot were only after graphic awards now you’re concerned with performance lol




Hate T shirts
Hate not 2million sp
Note 2
Go QQ in appropriate thread and give me your stuff if going back to WoW.

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I’ll give it a pop, why not. :nerd_face:

like when and how?

I’m down. :sunglasses:

I’ll definably try to make it. Looking at the tech behind Hadean, this sounds like a cool project.

Regardless of the in game changes, whether they are good or not aside, the technology has to move on as well! To me, it’s the details that make EVE what it is!