Devblog: Introducing Your EVE Aether Wars: Phase Two Winners!

Check out this guest blog from our friends over at Hadean that looks at EVE: Aether Wars - Phase Two and announces contest winners!

Read all about it here!

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I realize phase 2 is just a test, but Is eve Arther Wars going to be a new/upcoming game, separate universe from Eve online? Or is it a new technology that’s going to be implemented into Eve Online?

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When do participants get those aether wars skins? It was really fun test!

I don’t think that Aether Wars will be an actual game. We are at the point of testing the engine at the moment, which in ma opinion was a success: direct live control (no 1 second server ticks) and very little lag at the 3000 online players mark.
While it is a fun experience, and I definitely plan on participating on the next tests too, you shouldn’t forget that CCP is only providing assets for the test environment. This includes models, textures and believe it or not, test subjects.

CCP no longer own the right to those assets. The company was sold so the new parent company owns those designs and given the price CCP went for I would be surprised if another game isn’t released using the same assets…

check your email, its already there

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This is not a game. This is just test for new server tech. They use EVE models just to stress new system. nothing from this will be actual product.

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Lol. No, go away.

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As I write this, 21,000 logged-in characters … must not agree with that assessment.

Someone should ban you. Dumb, non constructive ranting is against forum rules.

If ever there’s a 3th test coming… Please make the client download available much earlier.
Whenever there are installing problems like with AetherWar 2, those might be solved in time so that every one willing to play also actualy can participate. Me and some of my friends got always the error : Couldn’t start :… CreateProcess() returned 2. - Reporting this to Hadean but no working solution recieved for it to be in time to actualy participate.
Where is my skin… i didn’t participate in the war itself, but did participate in the test, be it with a “error”-result : :smile:

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i wish i was able to get in despite registering few hours after the test was announced and was on discord trying to find out what was with in invites with 100s of others on the day of the test in as well but with them pushing sending out invites 24h later then what was posted then mailing systems stop working for them as well

Why did I saw “Phase Two Whiners!” when I opened forums today?

The weirdest part of the test for me was logging into weird spaces where the battle was “over there somewhere.” And I agree with the winner, the Rattlesnake was not a great ship for it, that very large butt made targeting so easy :stuck_out_tongue:

The Null Sec whine is having an effect on CCP Staff…

You do realise that before CCP was sold to the Black Desert Online folks, they were already owned by a group of private investors, right? They weren’t independent before the sale any more than after the sale. So this “CCP doesn’t own the assets” deal… is pretty silly, since they either owned 'em before and after… or they didn’t own them before OR after. Relax.


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