hey there CCP … how cool is that:

and i really want to join for this stuff but how stupid ist that:
|Public Stress Test 1 - Sat 9 Nov 2019 19:00 UTC
|Public Stress Test 2 - Sat 16 Nov 2019 19:00 UTC
|World Record Attempt - Sat 23 Nov 2019 20:00 UTC

hmm there was somthing on the 23rd Nov. … hmmm what was that … yea its EVE London!!!

is it planed to have that on the same day and how can i join when i am in london?



I think these guys need to do a better job of providing some instructions - what they had was very minimal. I was in the last test and it was tough to figure out what was going on.

“We learned a lot and collected a ton of data to deep-dive afterwards.”

Will we have to sign off massive amounts of personal data to participate in the the upcoming test, like the first two? Otherwise I’m skipping this one yet again.

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i joined both tests so far and yes it was a bit hard to guess whats going on … ggg … but still fun

i dont care so much about the sign up
i play a online game … CCP allready has a ton of data about me and its ok for me …


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It was the Hadean Agreement when Signing Up/DL’ing/Installing the client that I nope’d out of.

ahh … ok …

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I have a Steam Account. I purposely have not, and will not, associate my EVE account with Steam. I am delighted to help; but, am VERY concerned about having to sign up through Steam. If this is the direction and ultimate focus of Haedean and this development I will sit this and subsequent test out.


I hope I’m back home in time for todays event. For the event planned on the same date/time the world tour London event happens… well they know a lot about technology but lack managerial/organisational skills. At least they try to set a world record and attract some attention so even if the game is mediocre we get some newbros creating eve accounts…

Not even skins as reward? I suppose they dont care anymore.

The reward will probably be given when everyone is at eve london.

Maybe they’re gonna supply 650+ laptops so everyone at Eve London can participate.

Although I’m not gonna be able to as I don’t have a Steam account and probably never will. I think it’s a mistake to force it through Steam, but up to CCP/Hadean.


I just wish they’d actually spend resources on things that would actually affect EVE meaningfully in the next 5 years, but I guess this isn’t any worse than the 5 failed projects of the past.

Running Eve through steam is just a bad idea, I have a Steam acc like most people, but my Eve acc is registered with CCP and not Steam those two were never meant to marry imo.

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Does anyone know if this is due to it not quite being 14:00 ET? I’m opening the game from Steam so I know that it’s installed and I’m signed in. Thanks!

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