64-bit client transition complete

Not being funny here - but we have had DAILY issues with “DDoS” attacks, and chat messups since the 32bit client has been turned off… I don’t believe these are unrelated, and am not convinced this is a DDoS, but more likely a piece of code that reacted badly to some part of the january relaese/client switch…

I’ve had this problem (the network/server communication problem) the last two days. I submitted a complaint to ccp about it. I’ll keep everyone updated with what I get as a result.

What is CQ?

You could put your own videos on the screen in those rooms. People wanted it to be expanded, adding minigames, bar or corporation offices, for people to be able to see each other and interact, but CCP never touched it after they added it.

Ahh, I remember seeing something like that on the eve online youtube playlist from one of the conventions, and player made myevestory vids. But some of those vids and lps were years old.

I have the same problem on my pc but my dad’s laptop it worked perfectly fine

The client was now optimized for the future on 64bit:

Once EVE had a glorious and iconic login screen. This was abandoned for the launcher.
Now a third level has been introduced: the launcher got it’s own splash screen.

I can’t wait until the splashscreen before the launcher, before eve login, before char selection gets another launching screen before it. Maybe something involving a QR-code to be scanned with your phone and such.

Why just let people log in and run the game smoothly, when instead you can let them have a bad user experience by making the login process as long and tedious as possible and run the client as slow as possible by cancelling 32bit support without providing an adequate replacement before the deadline.


The 32bit client has not been deprecated yet and is still an option for those that would like to use it.

There is no new code related to this change that has been deployed yet (client or server). This will happen on or after the 26th of Feb, and will simply be the disabling of the 32bit client.

I appreciate that some players are experiencing connection issues which are being worked on, but I can assure you it’s not related to the upcoming 64bit change.

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Two questions:

  1. Why does eve work perfectly fine on my dad’s laptop and I get the login problem, the 26000 port error and server drops on my laptop whether I use my ISP or my mobile hotspot?

  2. Will players that have older set ups still beable to play the game on minimum settings if they are currently running minimum settings for performance or memory?

  1. It is possible you have issues with your laptop, but my ‘educated guess’ would be down to timing. The ddos the Eve systems are experiencing introduce ‘random’ connectivity issues for those attempting legit connections… of course it could be that your dad’s laptop is in a different part of the country/planet so using a different ISP could be it… however I don’t think it is possible to ask a more vague question, so bonus points for that.

  2. AFAICT the minimum specs for the game have not changed, so all should be well.


Could be the area for connecting and ISP but we are only 35 mile/60 km apart but isps are definitely different. But when I have problems with the isp end I use my hotspot on my phone and that normally works.

I did read that CCP was thinking about raising the the minimum requirements for memory first from 2gb to 4gb.

I’m afraid I can’t comment on connection issues, as it is not my area. I’d encourage you to raise a ticket and check the mega thread here: Tranquility Connectivity Issues Megathread

2 - The minimum specification is simply the minimum specification that we will offer support for and test against. We often see players launch the game on systems with lower specs - even though they may have a less than ideal game experience.

When the new minimum specification comes into force on the 26th of February, we will not be releasing or making any additional changes on that day which will cause the client to use more memory over our current 64bit client. The 64bit naturally uses a bit more memory, as that is inherent to a 64bit OS and applications.

It does mean that in the future we may release features that will start to use memory above our current 2GB minimum specification.

The 2GB minimum specification has been a concern for a while, as Windows 10 64bit has a minimum specification of 2GB for the OS.

A lot of people will be running with a browser in the background, along with voice coms like Discord or Teamspeak. Even some applications that ship with your hardware, like GPU & audio control panels, start to quickly use up this 2GB before Eve is launched.

I assure you that we give changes like this a lot of thought. We use a mixture of data (Primarily the client-supplied information, but also the Steam Hardware & Software Survey) before we change a minimum specification.

As much as we dislike increasing the minimum spec, it’s something we must do for the future of EVE.

Any reason why the launcher and applications are still showing as 32 bit in Task Manager? How do I get the 64 bit client running?

If you have not changed your client to be 32bit, it should be running the 64bit version.

You can check this by going into the launcher settings menu (top right, first button) and checking if “Run clients with 64bit” is enabled.

I just checked with the launcher team, and they’ve confirmed that the launcher will currently stay as 32bit for the moment. There is little advantage to moving it to 64bit currently, although this may change in the future.

Thank you!


After the complete transition of EVE to 64 x bit architecture, on February 26, I can no longer play. My “TOP” computer is 2008. it’s just pointless to try to upgrade and even if I can increase the RAM to the maximum and this is 4GB, I doubt that the AMD x2 4600+ processor will cope with the 64-bit client. It is not possible to buy a new PC …
I put up with the fact that EVE will not be available to me, and I would like to know the reasons why the client will no longer support 32 bits

There are very good technical reasons for moving to 64-bit applications, mainly to do with performance improvement in processing and an access to hardware features in the chipset. Add into it that many of the tools used in the client are, I suspect, now targeting and not supporting 32-bit deployments, then this is an inevitable move if Eve is to have a future.
Long technical here in the forum.

If you are running on a PC that meets the current minimum supported requirement then you can run a 64-bit client (and probably already are).

Firstly, that AMD x2 chip is a 64 bit chip.
If you are running any Microsoft operating system after Windows XP then it should be running in 64-bit mode (only the professional version of XP supported 64-bit hardware).
If you are running XP please, for the sake of the rest of us get off the internet - old, unsupported insecure nonsense like that is what is exploited by DDoS networks to the misery of others (I don’t give a damn about loss of your data/bank details/credentials - that’s your choice, but you being a threat to others isn’t really acceptable behaviour).
I’d also recommend getting off Windows 7, it’s not completely compromised, but it’s unsupported and down hill from here!

If you need a newer, supported OS, then various Linuxes (Linii?) are free and will run on your hardware. Eve runs fine under Wine - many guides are available. Heck, that’s how I run it.
I’d even suggest Windows 10.

Anyway, unless you’ve expressly rejected the 64-bit client; or it hasn’t deployed onto the archaic OS you’ve chosen to run then you’re already running a 64-bit client.
If you look in the task manager it may well tell if it is a 32-bit or 64-bit version that is running - you are looking for the client, not the launcher - The launcher is 32-bit and hasn’t been changed (it really doesn’t need the performance boost given what it does!)

Eve Client isn’t suddenly going to jump to demanding more memory at the end of the month, as CCP Caffeine said. But it will increase over time, because Eve will move forward - even if you can’t.
In terms of client demand Eve isn’t overly demanding on any vaguely recent system.

Your problems are fixable, even assuming actually have a problem.
But seriously, newer (not even the latest) hardware will give you a much better experience - you may even find that Eve isn’t the jerky potato game you are probably playing at the moment. And a second hand system will be fine - re-use the screen, keyboard and mouse to keep the cost down.

Unfortunately the 64bit topic is not as easy as you may think.

Together with the 32bit CPUs, the switch to 64bit will soon also kill the first batches of 64bit CPUs.

Why? Well the first AMD Athlon 64’s including the X2 do not support the instruction CMPXCHG16, while the first Intel 64bit CPUs do not support the instructions LAHF/SAHF.

This means that you can not run those CPUs with a Microsoft OS higher than Windows 8.0. Which itself is not supported by Microsoft anymore.

Windows 8.1 64bit and above requires these CPU features to run. The solution from Microsoft is to switch to 32bit Windows 8.1 or 10, which then will kill your ability to run EVE.

Different story on Linux. Here EVE will run on those CPUs until EVE itself will start to use those functions in the future.

The next problem is SSE4.1 which some of the newer games already start to use. When EVE will start to use it, this will kick out all 64bit CPUs up until and including the Phenom IIs.

In short, while the 64bit transition will seem at first to work on most PCs, there will be a lot of tears due to upcoming problems with the end of Windows 7 64bit support.


Thank-you for the explanation - I stand corrected (I’m a networking and security guy at heart).
CCP aren’t sunsetting Windows 7 as a minimum yet - though given its out of support I’d be inclined to migrate off it if you can. The progressive adoption of new features is always a challenge, especially when older hardware doesn’t support those capabilities.

hello our esteemed ccp. I don’t know English. I am writing from a google translator. and I thought you were bitches, banned me forever. I was in a game on TQ. suddenly everything turned off and my 32s bit winchester flew like a comet. I’m a complete teapot in Internet technologies. Please advise me what to install on the computer? I was told that I need a new hard drive. but didn’t say which hard drive do I need? Sorry if I wrote something wrong. I wish you all a lot of happiness and health to all ccp :wink: give big regards ccp habakuk… :wink: I wish you all good luck forever and ever… isevisa good +;)

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