64 bit client?

I thought ccp was switching to a 64 bit client in the winter patch what happened to it?

No, it’s scheduled for release first quarter this year (Q1 2019). There’s still 2 months left of the winter months… so CCP still have some time.



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I hope you will not write later “used first time the 64 EVE client and my computer is fried, I demand a financial compensation!”


Haha I remember those days.

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Just keep making images of your computer and backups of your data. It’s going to come when you least expect it and at least you won’t have to use a hiren’s boot CD to put your boot.ini back manually. Because EVE Online is so awesome it needs to make changes in boot.ini… :smiley:

Boot.ini doesn’t exist anymore, hasn’t since XP

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Maybe that is why EVE upgrades no longer makes computers stop booting. Do not tell CCP as they will find ways to change the MBR soon™ . :wink:


Q1 2019 = Summer 2019 = CCP on vacation/skeleton staff = Fall 2019 = “beta” = 2020.


I heard chat will be fixed by applying axe to the servers, viking style. Nobody could complain something is wrong with something that doesnt exist.

Modern computers don’t use MBR anymore, they use GPT (which backups sector 0 boot location to multiple locations in case of sector failure)
other then that



Can’t wait for it!!! I really hope it helps.

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It’s currently in testing, and will be shipping hopefully first half of this year.

No firm release date as of yet, but we’ll announce as soon as we’re ready to deploy.



thanks for the update now if I could only get eve to run :slight_smile: it will only run in dx9 closes unexpectedly if that is not checked

uninstalled reinstalled ran the first log on was all ok switched to fixed window longed off
now it won’t run unless I have DX9 selected

new system here
Asus strix B450 MB with Ryzen 2700X and a gtx 1060 6 gb graphic card and 16 gigs of ram
windows 10 pro

found the culprit :slight_smile: my graphics card OC software monitor PrecisionX_x64 was cause of the error so guess I can’t run it and play eve :frowning:

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EVE doesnt really need overclocking I think. Maybe you can make en exception somewhere in rules of that program?

Quite true, it doesn’t exist anymore, we made sure of that.


What CCP Falcon said; there is no date yet, it will ship when ready. You will start seeing a bin64 folder soon, it’s already there in the Singularity package, and we will be starting testing once the known issues have been ironed out.


I admit it, you made me laugh out loud, well played Explorer, well playedclap


Is there a possibility of “early access” to the x64 client for the general players on live servers for testing purposes? Could help with finding those issues for you to iron out.