I heard Eve Online Players like to take risks, you know what that means?

I heard CCP said that over 40% tried their new 64 bit client. You know what that means right? It means that the Eve Online Community is clearly begging for the game to completely be flipped upside down until its not longer recognizable. It couldn’t possibly mean that the community is simply fed up with the ■■■■ CCP is currently providing in an unstable 32 bit client?! could it?

Since this community is so welcoming of just changing everything up, I thought I would post this here. It’s not too late to get in! Make the change before the removal of asset safety means a simple break from the game could be the loss of your Supers, Titans and well… everything!!

You did try the 64 bit client right? Well, why not just shake it up by trying a new game completely!


1 crash and a pair of dc during the last 3 years, i wouldn’t call it unstable. But i don’t play on Wifi.


Idn man. EVE is pretty cool. Im pretty new here, flying the Loki is pretty fun. Most other games are pretty boring I guess. I think ill stay. o7


I changed to 64 bit because it’s frickn 2019 boyyys…

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64bit isn’t new tech by now.
Those who still run 32 need to get new harware.

When I first downloaded the client I didn’t wonder if it was 64bit, I expected it to be.

I haven’t heard any word about asset safety being adjusted, but I guess it could. We’ll just have to see about that.

As far as the 64bit client, I think it runs just as well as the 32bit client. New client crashes sometimes, just like the old client. As far as losing isk… lots of isk… from a disconnect, I don’t really care. Disconnects happen in every game and it’s almost always a bummer. I don’t think it’s worth starting a troll thread over it though.


I hope asset safety is removed.

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I do no follow this line of thought. Explain.

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CCP released their podcast and the developer said “40% used the 64 bit client, which shows the community is willing to take risks” He used this to validate that the community is willing to see all the changes they are about to put out in the game.

It was an idiotic statement and reference.

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As usual, CCP misunderstood the community.

“EVE players are willing to take ISKs.”

That other thing is for crazy people. And developers.


Yeah i gave up on CCP having any kind of common sense years ago.

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