This is not normal

You literaly want to change my computer so ai can pplay the game that i payd for. well idont have money to ge miself a new pc , so i guess i will stop playng , thank for making our life harder . THIS IS NOT NORMAL ! at least a litlle warning before you decide to take us by surprise :slight_smile:

Is there a question here?

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do you see any quetion marks ? no is not a question , just a complaint as i said before THIS IS NOT NORMAL ,.

This is the New Citizen Q&A subforum. Q&A stands for “Questions and Answers”.


Ranting is against forum rules. Thanks for playing.

warning was like… a year ago:

With the switch to a 64-bit client we have decided to drop support for the 32-bit client, given that only around 0.5% of our pilots are currently playing on 32bit operating systems and the cost to support both architectures isn’t where we want to invest our development time.

then half a year ago CCP forced every launcher to start client in 64-bit mode. If you manually switched back to 32-bit then you HAD to be aware of what was going on.

Lastly there was an official announcement a month prior (January, 24th) dropping 32-bit client support:

Sunsetting of the 32-bit client will take effect from Wednesday, 26 February.



warning about the switch 32->64 bits have been done several months ago. You are not able to read announcements, you are not able to write a proper post, not even to find the correct forum section to post in… so…good riddance ?

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LOL, good one. Any warning at all ruins the surprise. Who wants that?

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CCP and the players:

OP, hardware capable of running 64-bit stuff was more common shortly before 64-bit software became standard. Depending on the age of your machine, it just might be possible it might run 64-bit eve.

You are also in luck that EvE will run on computers that are not fancy if you have to buy one.

A suggestion might be to purchase a computer online that has no operating system (and is therefor cheaper) and then burn a (free) copy of the PClinuxOS 64bit operating system onto DVD.

Research all, good luck!


thank you , i hope it will work , and thank you for beeing so polite , it seems that you kinda the only one

Polite? Uh-oh.
I have a reputation to uphold, I’m sure you understand.
So not personal, but:

You werent very polite or coherent in your original post or responses.

So it’s nice to see that you are rude and abrasive, but expect others to be nice to you.


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