did you guy think its normal that client eat 16 gb of memory 40gb of swap file ?

Nothing in your screenshot points to EVE Online being the cause of your issues.

did you guy think its normal that a player posts a totally useless picture to illustrate their point ?

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That looks rather nice … got the recipe?

you guy only can troll or wright ■■■■ im pretty sure, but its ok its eve, i only wish to see you face in moment when you die on you super turbo ship and only thing you will see is white screen coz you run out of memory and you system lag like hell.
but of coz you allways run you client in debug logging mode. and you will post you logs.

Playing for years with up to 5 clients open at once…never had that problem…enjoy the pie while you check your PC.

First, you need a lot of salt…

OP - Are you one of those people who clicks ‘Accept’ on anything that claims to be a ‘free offer’ ?


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