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It’s almost like something out of a movie, here I am trying everything to get my hardcore gaming friends to try eve now that its “free to play”, and the game is doing everything to keep them out of the game.

I dont hve alpha toons so i dont know what its like, but to them they log in and it seems like you want them to pay real money for skill points instead of just training over time.

My suggestion, dont send players to the nex store as their first experience upon logging back into the game after 2 years.

And also, why are you making people pay money for daily injectors, to someone that isnt a vet it seems like you want them to pay real money every day to skill up anything.

I was surprised when he said this, because I was like, there’s no way they are trying to fleece brand new or returning players that want to try the game again.

If you return, and don‘t want to pay the subscription, you are limited to the Alpha skills. If you already exceed the 20M limit or have trained all Alpha skills, you can‘t train more without subscription.

Be happy that you can play at all! Two years ago you weren’t even able to login without paying.

That’s exactly the business model of CCP with EvE since the very beginning.

You have 5mil cap of standard training for alpha. Its somewhere about month of training if you don’t use injectors and you don’t need to use them. With month of gameplay form scratch, even as alpha you will be able to either plex yourself or make enough isk to be able to buy injectors form market and hunt that 20 mil cap.

Problem is that everyone think they need to pay 20 plex for injectors form day 1 to be able to do anything.

BTW before alpha you needed to pay subscription to be able to login. Now you can come back and play with limitations but your SP stays on its place and you don’t need to pay anything.

sounds like they have 5mil+ SP so they cant put anything in the queue. That said they can use the daily injector, get unallocated SP, and then directly apply SP to a skill. Also it’s worth looking at the difference in an alpha injector plex cost vs market cost, there was a discounted pack for sale at some point so usually it’s cheap to buy the alpha injectors from a trade hub than to buy 20 plex and then buy an alpha injector.

But hey that’s gaming these days people look at something for like 5 mins don’t get it, uninstall, and bitch about it.

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Free to play, doesnt mean Free everything. There still needs to be a difference between subscribed players, and unsubscribed players.

Alpha injectors are only there to top off skills that you used to have as an omega, or to train short-term skills as an alpha.

They are not there to get all the skills you want so that you can fly the ships you want.

The restrictions are there for a reason. You are allowed to fly the ships for skills you used to have, otherwise there are restrictions, and if you want to progress, you either have to sub, or pay up a lot of isk to get a lot of alpha injectors.

They dont. Ive made alphas in the past year, and tried the NPE. They dont suddenly open up the NEX store and tell you to purchase the injectors.

Youre allowed to skill up to 5 million SP as an alpha. Again, this is the difference between someone who pays, and someone who does not.

How else would it be? Should people who dont pay, be allowed to skill everything like an omega? Are you kidding me? Whats the point of being omega then.

They dont. Your friend bought a bunch of loot boxes in a game that doesnt want you to. This isnt Mordor: Shadow of war, or FIFA. Alpha injectors are a tool, not a lootbox to get the level 263 orc to defend your keep.

Wait until your friend finds out everything about timers and this huge empty space…

Alpha clones can load 24hours of skill training at one time, omega clones have no time limit, but are restricted to 50 skills in their skill-training que. Perhaps that might be causing your friend problems, OP?

When you injected a daily injector, you have to apply the unallocated skillpoints manually. But you only can chose alpha skills, of course.

It’s funny people pay money for Alpha injectors, that’s pretty brilliant, CCP - they pay for the feeling to play for free.
Just a little maths: With a daily injector you obtain 50k SP for 20 Plex. Applied 25 times, this will make 1’250’000 SP for 500 PLEX. This is exactly the amount you need for one month Omega, which skills you about 1’700’000 SP way quicker. With a Starter Pack it’s not even expensive.

You should NOT inject alpha daily injectors into a sub 5m SP char btw, because you just burn money for being a bit quicker in reaching the 5m threshold of an alpha’s skillqueue.

We don’t need more dumb people so please tell them to stay away.

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