Physically walking around?

So I’ve downloaded the game yesterday to explore a little bit but I can’t seem to be able to physically walk around with my character anywhere in the game. I was hoping I could dock my ship at large planets and disembark from the ship to then actually physically explore the planet but this didn’t seem to be the case. Where do I need to go to be able to leave my ship?


Walking in station was removed couldnt be compile 64bit. Will return after PVP is fixed.

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Is it just walking in stations or is there some sorta social system where you could go places and meet other players and stuff?


Only walk in some hangar office. Hence the “The Door” memes as there was a locked door possibly leading to some kind of extention they never made as PVP needed moar fixing.


Woulda been nice if they’d inform players of this before character customization though so you don’t spend 2 hours in trying to look like brad pitt to impress all the gamer girls


I’ll date you… anyways, it is possible abigger and better version of walking in station will come 'soon’™


There was a feature called the Captain’s Quarters in which you had your own little room and could walk around, and this was supposed to eventually expand to Walking In Stations, but that never came to fruition and the Captain’s Quarters were removed some time ago as well.

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Hello and welcome to Eve.

Yeah, it’s a shame we can’t really show off our characters and interact with others. The only way to view a characters full body in the game is to r-click on a character, select ‘show info’ and left click on their character picture. That will open up a larger ‘Portrait’ of them with a button at the bottom to select ‘Full Body’ view. In that mode you can zoom in and out and hold left-click and move which turns the character all around allowing you to view their entire body.

As for the 'Walking In Stations / Captains Quarters, it was a cool little niche aspect with a lot of potential but didn’t incorporate any game play options, as such it was eventually removed due to ‘Technical’ reasons. Hopefully CCP will bring back a better working version of it with some semblance of game play content.

Anyway, the Captains Quarters was great for creating wallpapers and screen savers. Here’s a thread with a lot of different in-game screen shots of the Captains Quarters.

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I think the walking around is something ddevs should emphasize on because it makes the game so much more immersive and it would undoubtedly attract a bigger audience

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Forget walking around. Fedo Cage Matches.


That Visual Tribute to Captains Quarters was excellent.

CCP missed a golden opportunity with it.



there was a captains quater but its gon for good … it was totaly useless
you cant land on planets or fight in stations … its not a first person shooter

this game ist about space ships and stuff in that directions …


ugh, this thread again. (yeah this is a dead horse topic.)

Walking around was one of CCP’s ambitions, so they tried it, and it turned out it was completely stupid, so it got removed. It’s stupid for the same reason that a race car game doesn’t have walking around, or a flight simulator doesn’t. Or for the same reasons that FPS games don’t force you to use the latrine or do paperwork. Or why RTS games don’t have minecraft-like construction 1 brick at a time. Because the scale of what you’re trying to accomplish, it would be ridiculous to zoom in to where nothing interesting is happening. And that’s exactly what played out in their stupid attempts at it.


Wow, you mad?

Contrary to what you just stated, CCP has said time and time again their dream for Eve was to make it a Virtual Reality set in a Sci-Fi environment.

That means more than just spaceships and hopefully someday they’ll be able to accomplish it.

Well… others try.

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It’s been 15 years. Sometimes, someday never comes…

I think people forget that when WiS-stuff was announced most of the EvE playerbase thought it was a good plan. It was only when it became apparent that CCP was unwilling and/or unable to develop both walking-in-stations stuff and flying-in-space stuff at the same time that people advocated for WiS development to cease out of concern for the survival of the game. That reasonable concern quickly became an often unreasonable…“intense aversion” to anything deemed remotely associated to anything WiS in EvE.

Captains Quarters, as the last vestige of the immense faceplant fail of CCP’s WiS debacle, was only useless because CCP never made it usable. If they had people would have used it.

OP, very much, a huge amount has been said over the years about the subject you bring up. Enough to keep you reading for a very long time. Most of it seems moot at this point.

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Sort of. Ultimately, there’s nothing CCP could have added to make it worthwhile. It’s a little humorous if you think about it… everyone’s all “yeah, build us this big thing where you can walk around!” and then CCP built it and said “ok, now that we’ve got the foundations, what would you like it to do?” and everyone’s faces just went blank. “Um… the same thing except bigger? And more people I guess?” as though that would have saved it.

In the run up to it, the writing was on the wall. A lot of us were “um, you’re going to let us opt out of using this thing, right?” For a while there was legitimate concern that access to the traditional UI elements would be locked behind WIS. CCP was in the middle of a forced-adoption bender at the time.

Really, for the reasons I said earlier, this wouldn’t be good for EVE. EVE has always been a game of violent clashes between giant spaceships. There isn’t anything a tiny little person could do that wouldn’t be better done through a UI interface. At least, not within the same game.

Wow, you are way off base with that. You need to stop spreading lies about this subject. Maybe if you did a little bit of research you’d know there were multiple threads posted with numerous suggestions for WiS game content, some threads even started by CCP. that.

The main reason there wasn’t any game content created for it was due to technical limitations. CCP had a working model for WiS exploration sites which would crash if more than 2 characters tried to log in. After a while CCP finally caved in to all the obstinate short sighted players who kept threatening to unsub while screaming ‘Spaceships only’ crap.