EVE Vanguard

My personal pro’s of Dust 514 PVP:

  • Bad aimers like me had other ways to be force multipliers like placing spawnpoints, fast hacks, AV, vehicles.
  • Winning a 2vX as the Logi was such a huge rush, even more if I got a killing blow during the fight.
  • Anytime people used comms to call out enemies we won the fights.
  • The overshield/armor hp model rewards positioning behind cover.

And my cons:

  • Crippling loading times for everything, gt PS3. SSD helped marginally, enough to provide a tactical advantage.
  • Requiring user fitting skill to be effective turns off a huge market segment. A public “Cheapest >50% Winrate Fits Of Last Week” would have kept a few mercs playing.
  • Some maps had insufficient alternate routes and allowed objectives to be camped.
  • There was no visible impact in the EVE universe from winning.

I’ve just claimed my DUST toon name Mountain Doody for Vanguard via a CCP email.
I’m not sure if this came via PSN data or something I input months ago when I signed up for Vanguard.
Check both PSN and Vanguard emails if they differ


Never signed up for Vanguard but got email. Take Off Hoser returns from the dead


CCP Remembers: you’ve signed up for claiming DUST Merc name for Legion/Nova :slight_smile:


every way i can imagine a canadian pronunciation of ‘take off hoser’ sounds adorable


So I won’t be able to run it on my Thinkpad X1 that is at least 10 years old?

God bless your willpower to play on that ancient piece of technology the Sumerians had back then.


At being old AF might have something to do with why it crashed the first (and only) time I tried the Abyss

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Wow what a horrible fail! I played Dust 514 from Beginning to end. CEO of one of the biggest Corporation in Dust. This is nothing like Dust. This is horrible. We all have waited 10 years for this?

-Hawkin P
CEO Molon Labe
Dust 514

Are you aware it’s not full release but pre-alpha stage, right?


Just played for about 10 minutes, there is clearly 0 anticheat detection.

What was so bad about it necessarily?

The pre-Alpha has shields, health, clones that you share amongst the squad (team) to respawn.

Unlike Dust, we have a way to craft/refine them. If that mechanic stays for PCs, that could create some fascinating mechanics. Weapons are obviously very light in quantity, but it is still in development. Shooting and movement feels pretty tight imo, especially when in a trio. Fun seeing various names too from the old days

Awesome seeing you too on here :slight_smile: 07

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looking forward to having more stuff from dust in this game like all the vehicles and tanks and big battles along with features of this game.

Some things this game has good from getgo is unique gameplay, is PC, and pretty fast loading matches to matches