Dynamic Clone Licence Idea

okay so most of you probably have clicked on this wondering “what in new eden is this guy rambling on abou now” but bare with me i’ll explain what i mean, but first some context.

the context of this example is actually intended towards the CCP model of what we would of called project legion which IIRC was meant to be the final model of intergrating EVE Valkyrie and some kind of FPS mercenaries into the universe and keeping to the motto of “one universe one war”.
I will refer to this as “the connected universe model” from now on in this post.

so this suggestion is an idea / concept regarding an approach to having exisiting or new players Interact with the whole connected universe model.

for those of you who don’t know, EVE Valkyrie is a dog fighting game and honestly its pretty fun to play, at first it was VR only but now it seems that you can choose to play it in VR or Non-VR making it “cross reality” in the event of an FPS game being released and implemented and the slow emergance of VR technology, i am going to assume this cross reality will be optional for those mercenaries also.

a brief tangent:
i personally believe instead of trying to consistantly make more content for eve valkyrie, should happen is the blending of the FPS game into a seemless connection with valkyrie, which would also mean specifically that you as a war clone can also pilot the valkyrie ships, because kicking ass and getting killed is what your clone exisits for.

which means you can literally go from being in the heat of a gun fight and are being over powered and you jump into a valkyrie ship and join the fleet battle outside, striking at key targets on enemy ships.

this to me is a cool concept because it allows vr and non vr players to enjoy the game in different ways and still interact with the whole EVE Online universe aswell as its player base.
as someone who has played these games i understand that all accounts have to be made seperately and such like that.
Tangent End

which got me thinking, what if this model came into reality, what if i could switch from being a capsuleer with the same character and the exact same skills, get out of my pod, get into some battle armour and grab an assault rifle and join the troops on the ground. changing my clone state from things like…
“capsuleer” to “warclone”

a BIG demand of players for many years has actually been the wanting to be able to step out of the capsule and being able to walk around and see things like the interior of the stations, walk on planets and such things. which if you could change to a warclone status, you could then do so.

yes this would have other implications however it ultimately achieves this one huge demand from players and would massively open up the scope of the playable universe.

instead of a PLEX what if i had a DCL.

granted the two aspects of the game would be seperate, whatever the FPS would be be, assuming it is both cross reality and cross platform and available on all platforms, you could then theoretically log into the other game, with the same account keeping the same name in the same universe, you’d be given different skills but you could then interact with the now much more expanded game universe your way.

this would mean new players who start with the FPS game could theoretically switch status to capsuleer and then fly around in a space ship by logging into eve online and possibly discover they enjoy EVE Online in a much more unique way then previous players have done in the past. especially if your introduction into the game is that of understanding your actions can effect other players and team building it would mean a new breed of players who actually openly interact and work with players across platforms. such as being troop transports and such.

it also means in the unfortunate event the other aspects of the game are not some how successful in intergration, those who want to stay and be capsuleers would be welcome to do so.

if the connected universe model were to exist it would then be the primary focus of CCP to ensure switching your character from one game to another without logging out would ultimately be the end goal.

which would lead to cool things like this occouring.

you’re an eve pilot and have been for many years, assume in this example the connected universe has been around for a few years and is stable in regards to its player base.

you’re out in space, perhaps ratting in a dread, when some nuets come in, they scan you down and warp to you in just a few moments, they locked you up pinned down, you’re not going anywhere. naturally you put out the call for help, your team is flash forming and are on their way. in the next 5 minutes.

the enemy decide they want you’re ship, they literally have 3 warclones who are attempting to board your ship and take it over.
if you sit there in your capsule, you’re helpless, a sitting duck waiting to be taken out by war clones.
you active some kind of internal defence system and switch clone status, either after a brief loading screen
(ideally this would be seemless switching from eve online perhaps through an animation like going through a jump gate) you can now get out of your capsule and equip your battle armour, you grab your weapon and ready to engage the hostile enemies yourself, this is your ship, you’re not going to let it fall into enemy hands, perhaps a cool feature exisits where you can lock down certain doors delaying people getting access too you. while this is going on the enemy forces begin shooting your ship, knowing you’re not going to give up easily.

you defeat the war clones, however you’re ship has taken a subtancial amount of damage, your pod is on the other side of the ship and you don’t have time to get back, but why would you want to run back to a defenceless space coffin when you have your fighter bay only two rooms over.
you run through the corridors of your ship as it starts to give those final low hull warnings, you press the right button and get into a ship and in awesome science fiction action movie style you escape from the exploding ship in a space fighter.

as you escape your friendly gang finally arrives on the scene, you’re still in the game, in the same fight and its time to kick some ass.

looking at the enemy ships you see there is one you can board, so you fly to it as fast as possible, broadcasting warclone support for that ship while announcing on comms you’re going to board it and take command of it.

you then board it with a small group of bad ass hardened war clone players who help you battle your way through the ship, the capsuleer inside the pod hasn’t left, so you kill him while he’s inside the pod, you then pull out the body and connect yourself the to pod’s systems and get inside.

through another animation you find yourself loaded back on grid in this new ship with all its weapons, ammo and other such things and you’re back in the fight

“one universe one war”

this is obviously just a concept of course, i have no idea how this would even be made a reality, but CCP has done things no other gaming company has done previously, they have the assets from these other games and have even used some of the game assets from EVE Valkyrie on some of the super carriers last year.

with things like “structure cores” not only being a way of preventing structure spamming but being viable targets for mercenaries, i am curious.

what do you think of this concept?

not everyone will HAVE to play this way but with the right intergration the above example is a depection of a possibility which COULD be available to you SHOULD you choose to explore it.

personally I like this idea. i think it would be awesome to have such a unique way of interacting with the universe.

What is the concept?

It’s not at the start, nor at the end of your text. Skimming through I couldn’t find it either. And while your text is readable, it doesn’t read well enough to read through it all if I don’t know what you’re suggesting.

maybe you should actually read the post instead of skimming it


nah, going to make people actually do some reading on this one.

It would be good to present your idea at the opening of your post or finish with it.

I’m not going to read through a post that long if I don’t know what it is about and when the writer refuses to use punctuation and capitals.

People aren’t going to be made to do anything.

Good luck with whatever the idea is. CCP’s likely not going to read it either.

the writer is dyslexic you prick

as a regular member on this community and given you didn’t read the article, how about this, given i’m dyslexic and being on the message boards we’re suppose to explore the viable merits of things instead of just flaming each other and shooting things down.
so being the good upstanding member of the commuity which you clearly are. how about you copy and paste the article and correct the spelling and grammar and give it a good read while you’re at it.

at least then you would of actual read the article.

its also a good idea for the idea to be explained within the realms of the correct context.

Sorry about the dyslexia, I didn’t know.

Still, it would be useful (in any post, I try to do it myself as well) to present the main point of your post in a short summary at start or end.

And about rewriting the post, I could do it if I were on my desktop. As I’m typing this on my phone I’m a terribly slow typer so I’ll have to refuse. :stuck_out_tongue:

no you didn’t know. you weren’t suppose to know.

however you felt it constructive to Instead just attack my writing stucture on this particular post without even reading the post because the lay out didn’t suit you.

perhaps just read the post?
I personally feel that i cannot put a TLDR version of this up here because the context of the idea needs to be well explained especially for people who might not of had the same experiences with CCP’s work.

although this makes for a great joke
“dyslexic posts interesting concept”
community responds with
“words are hard!” XDD

Tl;dr - seems to be a suggestion to combine EVE gameplay with first person shooter gameplay and Valkyrie dogfighting gameplay.

Is that correct?

While it is an interesting concept and I would love to see such a thing, it isn’t new. CCP already tried to create a combined universe by creating a FPS game Dust 514 in the EVE universe, as well as Valkyrie. And I think there were plans to connect all those games as well. But it didn’t work out.


however the idea does involve all these game player styles to be connected into the same universe.

That’s why it is useful to write your own tl;dr, so that there are less misunderstandings about your suggestion.

That was what I made from it after reading it through.

Give players the ability to swap characters between games using an enhanced clone mechanic.

I like the basic idea. One Sub, all games.

It’s really the only way CCP is going to successfully integrate all of these games, and that is by integrating the player base.

CCP called this idea “Brand Unification” and had some slides as a Fanfest, EVE Vegas or it might have been EVE Downunder, one year, where the Captain’s quarters would become a location to be able to switch from EVE to Valkyrie to the Dust replacement.

Since then, CQ gone, Dust replacement not materialised and Valkyrie has gone the way of the Dodo as far as development goes.

Nice idea, but CCP would need other successful titles to integrate with before they’d be able to implement the idea - which is one already thought of enough within the dev team that they presented it.

Dyslexia is not an excuse for writing style. That is not what dyslexia is, please don’t make excuses.

Anyway, on what the apparent topic is, the one universe one war thing appears to be dead and buried at this point, CCP have stepped strongly away from that.
We may get links between games in the future, but I highly suspect they will release games in a stand alone fashion moving forward, as there are too many issues in linking.

I feel like anything that lets you board someone else’s ship and take it over because they don’t have enough FPS buddies on board is DOA. Maybe some people would enjoy that but it seems like your idea forces it on them.