Walking In Stations But Casinos

Walking in stations but with an assortment of games and competitions you can bet ISK with. Everything from poker to pool. NPC Casinos are basic, player Casinos are grander with more variety.

Also the ability to do “sports betting” where you can place bets on 1v1s or live fleet fights. Not instanced fights, actual fights that are occurring in New Eden, which betting players can watch live from the betting lounge.

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Only if there’s a Kareoke bar


Sadly for us, a court case in the UK shut down every kind of ISK betting and gambling. The case wasn’t related to Eve, it was a different MMO. Some kid got addicted to gambling in the ingame currency, and the court said juveniles need protection from that. So CCP prudently banned ISK gambling. Which is sad, because we aren’t juveniles who need protection. We’re mostly around 45 - 70 years old or so.


The best way to have WiS, without messing up spaceships is to target the ERP crowd. It would be a good fit, scammers, pirates, perverts, etc :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

All you need is CQ, and the ability to have “guests” in your CG.

Possibly there could be contracts :blush:

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Oh there are some juveniles who play eve. I was in Brave Newbies for a little while back in the day, so I can testify to that one.

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Never going to happen. Online gambling is strictly regulated by many countries, in some it’s legal in others it’s illegal.

Primarily CCP would be subject to the laws of Iceland. In Iceland any legal gambling operation has to be run as a “non profit”, with profits going to charity.

That’s before we get into the taxation that comes with providing such a service in places where it is legal.

Walking in Stations but its an 80s arcade WITHOUT the fruit machines.

But WITH me shaking down the younger kids for their change.

You’ve just reached KOS status



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I’d be all over this like a rash. I love gambling. It’s so much fun!

It’s very cold outside. Can I sleep on your couch?

GTAO will get cassinos update soon, also you can walk there, run, drive tanks, cars etc, pilot airships, sail, swim, parachute…

You even have a lot of futuristic looking vehicles and clothes.

Why not try that game insted of trying to save damsel for 100th time.

GTA Online?

Griefers, griefers everywhere.


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