Games in the game

(NoName Unk) #1

Hello Eve’s online friends and all the honorable members of the CCP team.

They just removed the 3D mode from the stations.

I wonder why? Was it useless?

You could create for us a casino would be very cool

But not just any casino. A betting casino in ISK.



And a universal lottery.



We come in and out rich or in and out poor! =)

(Rupee Rue) #2

A casino with betting? Now that is a novel idea! :wink:

This isn’t the first time CCP has been pitched the casino idea btw…join the club

P.S. Why is this in Character Bazaar?

(NoName Unk) #3

That is why.
For many times not having what to do.

Sometimes the system is campy.

Nothing better than to try your luck.

The CCP gives a chance ^ + ^

I want to win!!

My life is to stay in the seasons.

I want to risk ISKs

Perform only.
It would be a real party!

I would like to make a lot of laughs when I get out with ISK’s full pockets.

Or empty = (

(Rupee Rue) #4

I think your Google Translate is failing.