Ship Gacha Idea


I have this weird idea since EULA banned IWI or removed them. What if CCP do it themselves :slight_smile:

Most MMORPG games have this Gachapon/Lottery System where you can get Jackpot item.

Faction BS Gacha/Lotto worth 150,000,000 ISK

There is slim chance to win this Faction BS
And out of 1,000 Gacha opened only 1 can win. The other items in the Gacha will be other BS / Skins / Large Modules almost worth of 150M

Just an opinion :slight_smile:

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I hove no issues with lotteries. But only ISK to place as bet in form of ticket. No PLEX. No boosters for PLEX, no additional chances for PLEX. Only ISK.

It would be nice ISK sink, all ISK CCP would gather could be destroyed and CCP would keep inflation lower.

Also there could be different tickets for capitals loteries, with different price, different lotteries for those with small ISK amounts and those with billions.

Gambling is already in game. Abyss sites and module enchanting are based on putting ISK in, and getting something random valuable or not out. Why do you need more?

To spend even more ISK in additional form of entertainment.

Given the current climate of banning games with anything gambling related built in to them, yeah gl getting CCP’s legal team to agree with it :stuck_out_tongue:



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Abyssal modules generation is lottery.

To address the topic more specifically, various regions in the world have associated gachapon, loot boxes, supply crates, and so on as a form of unregulated gambling and are pushing forward for such regulation. Some regions have already decided that such feature must be removed.

In China, South Korea, and possibly one or two more specific regions have to list the entire loot tables with each item’s specific percentage chance of being drawn.

Outside of a ship gacha working against the spirit of the game, it’d have a terrible impact on industry and the market.

And abyssal modifiers on modules are more a “late game” thing meant for trying to max the stats on it, similar to a lot of upgrade systems in other MMOs meant for min/maxing DPS and such.

Netherlands has started banning loot boxes and it is still a highly debated topic.

I don’t think CCP should put in dev hours in a feature that is illegal in certain countries.

This is about lotery, not loot boxes. And everyone knows their chances in Lotto, right? SLIM.

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Even if the semantics are slightly different, I don’t think it’s worth the man hours implementing something that might have legal complications.

Better use that dev time to balance and fix the game.

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I have heard that for 10 years as long as I played the game. They rebalanced stuff and it is always heard again. I imagine at this point they would rather add new content, instead of trying to finish the neverending story of “I want this! No, because I want that”.

I’m sure they would too. But as a player, I’d prefer them to fix their game before adding more stuff into the game.

Its RNG, there is no risk of “loss” you’re still getting a module out of it, with a proper lottery there is a risk of getting nothing in return


It’s just an idea based from other games i played with micro transactions on a free to play model. But since Eve is hybrid like.

Well still awesome responses.

Yes, should be Dev doing the balancing right FIRST :):smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

An officer module worth billions that is rolled into :poop: looks like a loss to me.

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Its a less favourable outcome, you’re still not actually down any number of items outside of the mutaplasmid, if your module was completely removed and you got literally nothing in return then you might be able to complain, in this instance you took a risk and it didn’t work out well, in some games you can completely lose the item you were trying to enhance :stuck_out_tongue:

I see no problem with what the OP has proposed. With one caveat.

Any prizes must not be created by CCP from nothing. They have to be stuff confiscated from players for whatever infractions get your stuff taken.

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