An NPC Casino

I hear many veteran players talk about the old player run casinos like SOMER Blink and other such groups with nostalgia. And many people complain about a massive amount of isk in the game world, caused by excessive faucets and not enough sinks. So why not make an ingame casino? Accessible by a Neocom tab like Project Discovery is.

Firstly it can be justified by current events. Historically, lotteries were done to help raise revenue for wars or massive projects, and even today it is a good tool for governments to raise taxes. Thus the empires, due to the triglavian threat and perhaps necessity of upgrading their military fleets and infrastructure, decide with CONCORD support to open a lottery for the capsuleers to funnel their immense wealth for the good of New Eden.

How it could work. SOMER Blink ran by buying 12 or so tickets for an item, and once the tickets were filled, the item was payed out to whomever won. Since this is a feature designed to curb excess isk, the rewards can be lump sums of isk, or standings to the respective NPC corporations or factions. Let’s say capsuleers play to get a billion isk. CCP would make it so that the tickets in total equal 1.1B isk, once its filled, the prize is calculated and payed out. 100m isk is thus removed from the economy, and players can get their gambling itch scratched without new isk or assets introduced to the economy, and have trillions flow out of the economy, creating a massive isk sink.

What does everyone think? Is it a valid strategy for curbing inflation? What do you think could be done to improve upon this idea?

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I don’t want CCP wasting what little time they have on ■■■■ like this…


What about it do you dislike? It can help funnel isk around the player base, remove some of it from the economy, and allow you to have it open and play around while doing other activities. If the online casinos were very popular, surely this would also be popular among the players.

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It wastes CCP time some something that doesn’t improve game play*

Play the game and stop looking for other things to do

So then next you will suggest that CCP start offering porn too as well I hear that’s also popular on the interweeb

Please stop…if you need a distraction then EVE isn’t for you OR what you are doing in EVE isn’t for you…

If players could develop a website complete with communication and ingame management of funds and prizes, then ccp can create the same with even less work, as the prizes will be limited to isk and standings.

Project discovery is a ‘game within a game’, should it be removed using the same logic?

Illogical argument, and players had no problem playing with old casino services, or using project discovery. How does your argument hold against say Project Discovery?

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You are lost…you must be a miner…

Gambling is a no go for many online games and developers, CCP included.


And what if I was a pvper?

That is a valid concern. I counter by saying this will likely only be with in-game isk payments, and only isk and standings rewards, and it was tolerated by the developers until issues with real money trading forced it to close.

This is a great way to lessen the amount of currency in the economy.

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One can always put a parallel of $ > PLEX > ISK which would make ISK just like chips in a casino - a proxy currency. There are bound to be a metric crap ton of legal issues.


How about you push for the devs to do it game play maybe? Reducing ISK fountains and resources will have the same effect PLUS actually be great for content. A casino; nope.

Also “only be with in-game isk payments” is a fallacy as long as you can easily convert RW$ into ISK so you would have to nuke the buy of PLEX which CCP will never do.

There is a reason CCP banned gambling in EVE and for the same reason will not touch the subject themselves either.


The main reason CCP banned gambling was because they weren’t making any money from those gambling sites.

Actually when the concept of Ambulation (WiS) was first released, it was intended to have Gambling games in it. Probably the biggest reason CCP wouldn’t introduce gambling into the game now is due to most players no longer trust what CCP says. Players would post all kinds of toxic crap about it saying it’s fixed, or RNG is constantly nerfed, etc.

Also everybody knows that the house always wins, right?

As far as I know they banned gambling because of RMT issues and gambling related legal issues. Most countries have very strict gambling laws including but not limited to related age restrictions, taxation, confirmation of age and identity, money laundering and so on.

Also moral issues as providing gambling to minors is not just problematic from a legal perspective but even if only in-game currency is involved is an issue from a moral perspective and opens up a game developer to unwanted attention and potential backlash.

Not to mention these are the times of the loot box controversies and as a result legislation taking more interest in these matters and expanding regulations due to public backlash which is not surprising seeing the predatory tactics and exploitation by some certain developers and big AAA publishers.

Not happening often but this case CCP did the smart thing and avoided all this by simply banning gambling altogether, probably due to pressure from their legal team and in extension their investors.


Yeah, I know about the legal and politically correct reasons for why it was banned, even though the gambling went on in-game for quite a while before any action was taken.

But even if there was no legal or moral repercussions from it, I doubt CCP would implement it in-game anyway, just due to the sh*tstorm it would bring from various blogs and press releases saying it’s fixed to favor the house.

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Money is PLEX
Plex is ISK

in game gambling will always involve real money and emotion. it also dose not help adicts.
im all for CCP adding “mini games” to the game, give rewards tot he winner yes, but never allow in game asset leverage to be a part of it.

what i would like to see.
Eve chess
a competitive hacking game
“gwent” with spaceships
that gallente holo-game talked of in game law

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Then propose a better isk sink idea that this that does not nerf gameplay.

Fair arguments. I know Star Trek Online gets a lot of heat because of their lockboxes. While very profitable for developers, it can bring some negative publicity.

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Well this would only be as an isk sink. The odds will be designed so that a single ticket wins, and the total sum of ticket purchases is 110% or so of the value of the prize, removing 10% from the economy each time a prize is given out.

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I already did but you missed it…

Reducing ISK fountains and resources will have the same effect PLUS actually be great for content.