What's the reason that CCP hasn't implemented gambling into the game in an official form?

And I don’t mean abyssal rolls. I mean real gambling i.e poker or even games similar to the player made enterprises of the past. I remember when somer blink was active there was a huge community of people that rallied around it, even more so around Iwantisk. There’s obviously a huge market for it in eve so why not run with it?

An idea for card games would be for you to only be able to play other people docked in stations and the bet limits would increase in lowsec and furthermore in nullsec. This would add a new dynamic to the game and from a business standpoint, would mean more people buying plex. You could have tournaments in key systems which would increase traffic which would support more emergent gameplay. Having your avatars in their shiny new hats sat around a table in Rancer playing a game of texas hold em sounds pretty enticing.


Probably mostly dev time. Taking poker as an example, why try to implement something in a game that is already done better by others? One of the reasons people play poker is the chance of winning real money. If implemented in eve, you’d basically have a “play money only” form of poker, since there is no way to cash out.

Another reason, is spending dev time on features that encourages being docked and not interacting with the rest of the world. We want more people out there shooting space pixels. Not more sitting docked up in stations.

In some countries gambling is illegal. Recently the European Union and some other countries have discovered the gambling addicts finding new places to gamble without government control in games. To avoid billions of dollars in damages -that could better be spendt on mobile eve or VR eve or some totally weird EVE IP variant- they do not implement that (anymore).

Also the RMT that grew out of some EVE related gambling sites some years ago almost brought CCP under investigations of money laundering and tax evasions. And for some weird reason, CCP does not like to get sued for all those things. Weird, isn’t it?


International gambling laws vary. The crack down on player run gambling was in part driven by new laws that introduced financial risk to CCP by local laws.

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Some American states have outlawed it too and I think they ditched it before they could get into trouble. I miss iwantisk too lol

I don’t think we will see stuff like loot crates for much longer either. Just read a thing the other day about the FCC or whatever investigating them. Basically getting kids addicted to gambling with Mom and Dad’s credit card lol

That’s a whole other thing, I digress

No, ■■■■ off.

Rolling abyss mods is technically gambling, we used to have gambling sites such as summer blink but its was a scam to steal billions of isk from players.

Also why would you want dev time into things that don’t enhance eve at all, gambling is a sickness that the rich created to keep the weak. weak.


Undocking is enough of a gamble for me some days. :slight_smile:

–Gadget checks local … if it’s working


mostly because of a massive rmt scam that happened along with some new law in euroland thats against video game gambling because its “aimed at kids” and “high addictive”

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