Texas Holdem Poker

A game that no really needs to be explained for people…
…I’ve been thinking today about immersion and what i would like to do in EVE in future.

I’ve love to play with other players IN GAME for ISK.
But it is end of thinking … so Question.
-Would you like to play with other players in game for ISK?
-How to implement it in to Game?

…I think ONLY Player owned Station should got ability to host a Holdem , AND to do it need Cassino service module. [That going to be installed same like other service module]
TAX system same like in game Active mechanism. [Under Control of a Station Owner]
FUEL Consumption … Based on Amount of INSTALLED Service Modules at Station.
[More services More Fuel]

…So Who would like to be Cassino Owner? :wink:

No casinos. That ■■■■■■ up eve once

I think there are more important matters for CCP to consider when adding items to the list of developer commitments.

This one is unlikely even to make it off the drawing board!

Yeah, like NFTs.

:smiling_imp: :innocent: :psyccp:

A couple of major downsides of gambling in a game like EVE:

  • regular gameplay stops feeling fun and rewarding if you can easily win a tenfold amount by going all in and being lucky
  • quitting players, because they lost everything through gambling
  • or worse, they get a gambling addiction
  • the game gets banned in countries where they have anti-gambling laws
  • development time is wasted on something like gambling instead of the core spaceship game that we like

Now if you want to gamble your ISK away, may I suggest a raffle instead? Give the Hypernet a try!

Unlike poker the Hypernet is a lot more useful for the EVE economy by allowing players to sell hard-to-sell valuable assets by selling it piecewise to many buyers instead of a single buyer. Sure, a downside is that it also introduced a form of gambling to EVE, but luckily that means CCP doesn’t have to waste time to introduce poker to gamble in EVE.

UPALL^ There is a reason why this thread is taged community.
Please Share your thinking , topic going to be continued…

I do not see any problem/gambling space in Poker.
Fact Cheaters always are , fact everygame.
Mechanic is simply depositing like 10.000.000 ISK and play to a moment when Holdem poker allow to quit or when you win or lose.

…This what i think it is good side relax part of game , no one going to tell you …you must.
…And you always decide do you play , and your character needs to be at station with active Cassino module , not in space.

Why people look at Poker like a on a gambling service …its a game , in eve you do not fly something what you cannot lost …in Poker you do not play if do not have a ISK that you can lost.
You need to be …adult , in thinking.

At End… Do programing a Poker is complicated? looks not , when google for Poker.
…But im not programmer.