Bring Back Gambling

(Hank Budsprout) #1

As the title says:
Bring Back Gambling.

What kind of galaxy exists with no gambling? The third party gambling sites were a massive part of the heart and soul of new eden, right up there with scamming, infiltrating, drug dealing and all the other grimy activities. It’s always been about players making their own content and gambling was a major part of that. Removing it was a terrible decision which has reduced the overall fun of the game.

To my great disappointment, gambling was abolished in early 2016 and I stopped playing. After more than year I’ve had the itch to come back, willing to renew my subscription for a few months but the ‘no gambling’ in effect is a deal breaker. I won’t ever come back until gambling is restored. Is there any chance to bring back this awesome activity which made EVE such an amazing sandbox?

(Tanuki Kittybeta) #2

i thought the title said bring back gaming i’ll leave now thanks

(Salvos Rhoska) #3

I think you may have a gambling problem.

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(Jonah Gravenstein) #11

Online gambling, for real or imaginary currency, has legal implications; CCP being a company with a multinational audience has made a choice to not allow it in their game.

Given the recent rise in legislation regarding online gambling I consider that to be a wise decision on their part; it avoids unnecessary aggro from the authorities and curtails expenditure on compliance, licensing and taxes that would be better spent elsewhere.

(Kobran 'Ruthless' Vaidrich) #12

CCP shouldn’t encourage gambling.

(Steve Ronuken) #13

It’s not going to happen.

There are real world liability issues for CCP, wrt gambling. If they support it on a third party, they open themselves up to more.

It’s only good business sense to not support it.

(Nasar Vyron) #14

Imagine the isk sink they can create if they implemented it within game themselves.
Players get their gambling, and they get an isk sink like no other.

(guigui lechat) #15

You need to understand that gambling without a way to be sure results are really only random is the same thing as RMT. :
If I make a site with gambling, I can install a way to control the results. This way to control the results allows me to decide who gets more items, which control I can give to someone who pays me IRL.

eg if I can make someone get 5 months of subs, and this someone pays me for the IRL price of one sub, then I can easily make RMT.

The only way to prevent this would be to keep randomness control under CCP. Which needs a lot of work.

(Jonah Gravenstein) #16

The real world liability issues apply regardless of the currency involved being real or not.

Gambling is a regulated industry; providing a venue for it without a licence is an offence in many countries, the income from it is taxable in many countries, the underlying games are closely looked at in many countries in order to make sure that they’re not overly biased in favour of the house.

TL;DR Gambling regulators make no distinction between virtual and currencies, they want their chunk.

(CCP Falcon) #17

Closed as a rant.

(CCP Falcon) #18