US Senator Introduces Ban on Loot Boxes, "P2W" - NOT A TROLL THREAD!

As how this topic applies to EVE, I don’t think it does. But clearly other games will be effected by this legislation.

I told you all it was coming (in other threads) and now it’s here. So, I think in light of this development CCP should be in a good position because it has mainly resisted this mechanic, but still should take the precaution to evaluate its position on this topic.

Please note. The intent of my post is to inform the EVE online community of trends that can impact the overall gaming industry.

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No one cares.

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What loot boxes does EVE Online have?

Moving this to OOPE.

abyssal rolls. Wouldn’t be surprised if at some point we can buy a booster from the NES that increases the chances on good rolls.

Is this something people are paying money to directly engage in? What is your operative definition of a “lootbox”?

Just because something has a randomness element to it does not make it immediately a “lootbox”, in my opinion.

The chances of this bill going forward is probably extremely low ,but if you want to know exactly the odds, then send Brisc a message/question since he is used to dealing with congressmen and lobbying for getting bills passed/rejected.

The second they introduce said booster ppl will pay rl money (or the equivalent in plex which is the same thing in this case) to increase the chances to get really cool gear.

The only reason EVER to create some sort of randomized item quality rolls like with abyssal stuff, is to play one people’s gambling addiction. If they’d JUST wanted to make abysal stuff be worthwhile they’d probably balance it around deadspace items, but they didn’t.

They deliberately went for RNG rolls which means they have a plan, and the plan is to make bank on people who enjoy gambling.

I’m sure you’ve noticed how, for some weird reason, the focus on stuff is about triglavian/abyssal lately. Not EVE lore, not the struggle between factions, it’s JUST abyssal stuff that’s being poured into the game.

We’re being waterboarded with abyssals, guess why that is?

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I mean, with this definition, is running DED sites and opening the box at the end hoping for good drops also a “lootbox” mechanic?

Is MF farming in Diablo with Magic Find gear hoping to get good drops also a “lootbox” mechanic?

I think you’re conflating mechanics that have randomness as a factor with “lootboxes” that are commonly known in the industry.

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Not if you can’t pay for it with real cash. You can’t affect the outcome or the RNG by paying therefor it’s not a lootbox in the way people argue/complain about (which I agree to).

No one cares about lootboxes in games where you can’t buy them with rl money, the issue is BUYING them.

But you can’t buy Mutaplasmids for Abyssal rolls with real cash either.

“The second they introduce said booster ppl will pay rl money (or the equivalent in plex which is the same thing in this case) to increase the chances to get really cool gear.”

Which IS going to happen. Again, there has to be a REASON EVE is being flooded with triglavian content as of late. And the reason is to make it more accepted and mainstream, at which point we’ll see those boosters on the NEX. And THEN it’s the lootbox mechanic people are, rightly so, worried about.

Take the NPE for example, it USED to be about explaining the lore of the game, introducing this whole pod pilot concept, about how you’re one of 4 factions and you’re fighting vs others in an epic space drama. Current NPE? Sleepers. Again, guess why that is?

So you’re claiming this on a hypothetical example of “If CCP introduces lootboxes, then there will be lootboxes” ?


You asked what lootboxes EVE has, I explained to you what EVE WILL have. Never said it’s an issue NOW.

How do you know EVE “will” have these loot boxes?

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Because it makes sense from a business pov and given the lootbox “games as a service” reality we have today.

So you’re just pulling this out of nowhere.


No, it’s a prediction based on logic. Most of my predictions, in regards to EVE anyway, come true.

It’s just logical for this to happen, if you can’t see that then that’s not my fault.

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Would you mind sharing some of these? I’m curious to know.


I predicted in 2008 that CCP had stopped caring about EVE and had been using all their efforts and resources on their new pet project WoD. And that for time to come we’d not get any updates and the game would go to ■■■■. That prediction was made based on logic and adding 2+2 together, really. You just have to NOT be a clown to see it.

I made a large post on the forums explaining my findings, ideas and predictions. I got laughed at, the trolls used their warped mistaken logic to try and debunk it. And guess what, it happened exactly as predicted. And then suddenly (if late) people caught on and the summer of rage happened.

Same with the drake and HML rebalance. I explained that the only way, back then, for HML to get buffed was if the clown ships called Drake and Tengu would get nerfed and THEN CCP could start working on HML. People laughed at me, the trolls used their warped logic to try and debunk it. Same thing as always.

Guess what CCP did, yup.

It’s the same with this, you just have to NOT be a clown to check all the facts, check what’s been happening, try and figure out the WHY of things that happened, and come to the only logical conclusion:

Abyssal rolls are VERY un-EVE like, triglavians have no history in EVE but they’re pushed HARD through updates again and again, new ships again and again. Nothing is done to the normal EVE lore, it’s JUST triglavian stuff pushed down our throats. Why would that be?

Well, to make mutaplasmids more accepted and to have us all get used and addicted to doing random rolls on the modules. Why? to make profit ofcourse. How? well, guess how.

I’d love to be wrong but from a business pov it makes too much sense.

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