Abyssal Deadspace and a new New Eden Store (cash shop) item?

I have been around the block, with MMOs, and the system of ‘chance based item upgrade’ usually comes with a cash shop item. The cash item protects the in game item, being upgraded, from adverse effects of the upgrade attempt… like preventing the item from perishing.

In Eve’s case, I guess, the item from receiving a negative bonus?

Was such an item announced, for the cash shop?

If not, I have already horded a lot of PLEX and please introduce it soon! :smile:

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Brick everything.

Bricking things is entertaining (when it’s someone else):

It’s the the risk we take. There should be no safety.


Your post is disgusting. You whales are disgusting.


There is simple solution. Unmutaplasmider. Resetting module to original stats. Soon in the shop. Maybe.

First of all OP: Post in the correct forum section, you lazy bastard.

Second: I agree with Dyver this idea is disgusting.

Third: the more attempts to change EvE into other MMO’s that are successful the more the experienced Content Creators that have played for years go away, once they are really gone the game will die.

so Fourth: Shut up and HTFU.


IDK what disgusts me more the OP or his idea.

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Haha, you think I could get a patent for this idea and cash in?

I’m pretty sure it’s a new idea!

Buying your way to victory because you aren’t skilled enough to stand a chance any other way is not a new idea.


If I want to buy 150k PLEX with my ISK, why is that such a thorn on your side?

Are we arguing for equal wealth distribution, in Eve?

thats a really bad idea … you crazy?
that would be the exact “lootboxthing” other publishers already had problems with

such “ideas” are crazy and yes thanks to others already mentioned disgusting
there is no need for that … get it with running sites or get it on the market or dont get it …


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You can get disgusted about my idea… but, me? I don’t think we met… unless…

Pete, is it you?! You £$£@! You followed me to Eve??

So, if CCP were to introduce the exact same thing… only it dropped from killing rats… that would be ok?

You guys realize we already have something called PLEX and anyone can buy, with real money, anything that drops as loot?

  1. Wrong section. That post belongs to ideas from players, not here
  2. Everything in this game has concequences. Your suggestion disturbs that game of grown up children paradigm.
  3. Stop trolling.
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Give it a few months and CCP will introduce it.

It would be slightly better, but still ridiculous.

Well, at least the stuff doesn’t appear out of thin air in exchange for plex then. Someone had to do something in-game for it to appear.

This would be more like the skill extraction system, in my opinion. You don’t get skill extractors dropping as loot… but then again, skill extractor doesn’t add anything to the game by itself. You would have had to train the skillpoints to begin with, in order to extract them.

Likewise, you would have had to obtain the item being upgraded/mutated… this item would merely be a tool to obtain an end product.

Removing all the risk from mutating expensive modules. Brick it? Just try again! Yeah, no.

Your favorite Free to Play + pay to win cash shop MMO is that way ->
We don’t need any more of that trash in EVE.

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Alpha + PLEX -> ?

There’s already a Pay 2 Win method.

  • Grab the nearest credit card
  • PLEX your brains out
  • Cash those in for piles of ISK
  • Buy lots of mods and lots of mutators
  • Keep trying to combine them over and over until you get good ones
  • Sell off the rest to people who don’t know better / don’t care it’s junked

Full game access, because Eve is a subscription based game not a F2P


I only said paying to win wasn’t a new idea. Nothing about you being a thorn in anyone’s side. You shouldn’t take things so personally :parrotbeer: