If it should ever happen to EVE, then it is the end

Loot boxes.

Just say no.

Lootboxes from NES, yeah do not want.

In-game lootboxes like freighters, they’re fine though.


Curious: By that definition do you consider these below loot boxes too?


Pay the loot fairy to reroll that drop

I … I think I need a shower.

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If CCP implements that you will probably have to pay PLEX for the re roll though. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well yes that was the implied horror of ot.

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Loot boxes that one would pay PLEX for in-game box that one might find. Paying PLEX for the CHANCE to get better items.

That’s the last stand of a game desperate for revenue.

I mean we’re close already with those Agency canisters that drop. All it would take is a “pay PLEX for a better chance at loot” mechanism before opening them.

Just say no.

To be fair I’m pretty sure they’re not going that particular route.
They did get out ahead on games of chance I.e. Lotto’s and such.
Would be a bit of an about turn on policy , even for CCP.

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If you’re going to post on the forums, at least put some content in your post, instead of trying to troll.