P2E Format and timeframe

P2E is coming to Eve.

The questions are, when, & how?

I am hoping for a 4th quarter 2022 start to things, & with the hiring of an IRL economist at CCP the signs are looking good.

My thinking is that CCP will introduce a new currency to take commission on any player trades with the purchaser of in game goods first purchasing from a $ store tokens that can be traded with players in game and then traded back to CCP at minus 20% original retail cost.

I was hoping CCP would just do this with PLEX, but for this to occur CCP would have to have been truthful with its in game accounting of PLEX.

What do you guys think, what do you think P2E is gonna look like?

If CCP introduces a new token for P2E transactions Plex is gonna drop through the floor, this worries me as I am plex heavy.

I’m really excited at the prospect.

If you are Omega, you already Pay to EvE.

At least someone is paying…

–Gadget is just saying

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I am omega and I’ve not paid to play in what feels like a decade, someone is paying with $ but not me. I bought it with ISK which I used my brain to obtain.

They re-hired a real economist again?? :dizzy_face:

I can’t wait to quit my real-life data analytics job so that I can grind out about 30-40 billion ISK every day for the equivalent income. Easy peasy.

How much do level 4 missions pay again?

Look like…? I dare not look. I shall do my best to ignore it’s even a thing.

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