[Poll] If Alphas think Plex is P2W

Why don’t they just use something like Microsoft rewards (plex in 3 months with one account) or Swagbucks (plex in 3 to 6 days).

CCP gets money, they get game time at the cost of life (time spent to complete tasks).

But then again, this could super inflate the market…

Max, one person, maybe 11 plex per month (or 5500 now, I guess)

  • Using those is a bad idea
  • Maybe they weren’t smart enough?
  • Never knew
  • Are you trying to *%&$ up the market?!
  • I’m a rainbow farting unicorn, my name is Mr.Toots
  • ok

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Damn, i know you guys so well…


Where is the “People stop being a princess over something they get for free” option? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Alphas can do a lot, I play alpha from time to time to save cash irl. If people like the game enough to complain about it, maybe they should just support it with a subscription or buy a plex and stop with the “pay to win” crap.

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pay to win? in EVE?


ha ha.



EVE has no pay to win.

But you can pay to lose.

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