VIP Mode?

Did anyone else see that when the sever went offline there was a VIP Mode we allready pay monthly and now they are putting VIP are you kidding me.

Vip mode is something completely normal and not accessible to players. That mode is, so far, only for developers to checkout the mess they have done to the server during downtime.

A simple google search would have helped you with that without going passive aggressive.

Fake news Sakura under cover ccp :smirk:

Out of curiosity, what did you envisage a player-accessible “VIP mode” might include?

Perhaps CCP could actually introduce your ideas, on a fee-only basis. That way, even those players who currently PLEX accounts from in-game activities would have to pay. This might be a new (and lucrative?) revenue stream. Just depends on whether you have good enough ideas that other players might want to pay more for?

i pay cash never plex for my monthly ccp devs need to have bling too or the game would die im not the man to ask for ideas if i had my way things would go back to 2011 eve but thats just me

I would gladly partake in that … order a 60 day GTC for 300 mill isk (or was it even less than that :wink: ) ^^ instead of 1.6 billion isk for a single 30 day plex … erm 500 mini-plex …I still hate that micro-transaction change

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