Do you remember when PVE paid for Plex?

Good times… that… are over. Good work, CCP, keep it up…The end of the year is approaching and, as everyone knows, executives need new sports cars… :innocent:

I love you from CCP, but… I love you less than I love my salary… :broken_heart:

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Why should you expect to play for free?


Your HOT company? :slight_smile:

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Captura de Tela 2022-09-20 às 01.32.18

I should be getting paid for this…

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I agree, a gameplay of the ISK begger in Jita 4-4 really isn’t anything for which anyone should have paid to.

Must not be a whole lot to love then, eh?

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Yeah I have to file this under zoomer problems.


To be honest, you are not entitled to play for free. You still can, it just require more effort.
I can understand complains about sub price (which is kinda ridiculous), but PLEX prices in ISK? Don’t be silly.


I like the entertainment Eve gives me, so I happily pay. As an added perk, I don’t have to work an Eve job grinding to keep my account Omega.


Paying with plex is not playing for free. Someone else pays for me in that case and even pays more than sub.

If one can’t beat rmt, they should join it. Plex is rmt for ccp’s benefit.

Though, the fewer people play, the more expensive plex is. Supply/demand. Plus, while fewer people play, isk volume is at all time highest, ie isk is cheap.

Its mindboggling how CCP seems to be ok with dropping player count. Its not summer dip. Its exodus at this point.

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i don’t remember how many millions CCP made with eve in the last year
but if you do 20k vs 20 dollars you will see that the result is 400k
I’m pretty sure yours subscriptions do not pay the biggest part of the bar bills

lets just stop with the PLEX hate mkay
is getting old

It’s free for you, CCP already got their money when plex was bought (I know, they say they keep money on hold until plex was used bla-bla-bla, you can’t get those money back anyway).

The fewer people pay (for plex) in proportion to people buying plex for isk, the more expensive plex is. Plain numbers matter less.

Mind you, I don’t defend CCP

Blah blah something about krabs

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PvE paid for PLEX and PvP. Now people have to choose, and because there is not much sense in playing without Omega, because PvP is awfull without it, people resign from PvE also and quit, because they dont have money for games.

We would need to see reduction of cost for subscription or people getting really wealthy, or game becoming a lot better for those players to stay. All those things are not happening.


I’m absolutely sure that some players can’t do anything other than ganks in low sect if it depends on the comments here in the community… Eve is a game that involves politics and a lot of intelligence…

…or are they mere ‘we know who’ bots…I know something, if the game survives, it’s no longer with monthly fees… but, time is a friend of those who today advocate changes in this greedy and stupid aggressive policy of the CPP on prices…

Well I don’t have any of those two so why am I still here paying for my account via plex then?

I always have to remember that forums accept any kind of lies, as long as they respect the rules of conduct of these forums…

(super mega news this - ‘hi, I’m Angelina Jolie’)

Do you do
yeah - nah you are not going to learn the tricks of New Eden


If you can’t afford a $20 subscription fee, then there are probably better things you need to be doing with your life than playing online video games…