Do you remember when PVE paid for Plex?

We are able to choose both or part one and part another depending on what the cycle might be for the individual. Everyone is different in how they adapt. Being able to write off value to know it can be made up at another time is a bonus when an opportunity presents itself in the form of a sale in the store or on the market. Being able to respond to change rapidly is key. That is my guess on the core nature of plexing for Omega clone status.

Well yeah, thats exactly what she said.

Its 25 in my country - and that’s for 1 account.
You have no concept of how many skill farms and alt pi chains are dead because CCP got greedy.

Its not about how easy it is for YOU anyway. I swear, eve’s remaining population are all the narcissists.

Sort of thinking it is to lesson the blow from the coming Expansion after they shake the skill point farming tree by removing the Attributes.

It is a type of gameplay that also could be choking up the login servers by all the log in, log outs.

Another thinking is that they plan to have Capsuleers only focus on one pilot or just one account perhaps and that pilot is the main faction war pilot as they said for the next two years that is their main focus.

Just yesterday I had read on these forums that they want to bring Nul style battles into lowsec or increase the current lowsec battles.

It is questionable on how much effect is required to maintain focus that aligns to their goals that sound very much like a rpg gamestyle rather than a sandbox as what Eve once was but not anymore as with the Nov Y124 release.

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Is it a lot?

Because that would be awesome news

Maybe CCP are onto something. Maybe they should consider making it $30 a month.


It’s more attainable than ever to have PvE pay for everything, especially as an alpha player. Abyssals really pour money.

It will not help. They could increase it and see how people leave in droves. There is a limit to what majority of people playing now will pay for what they get. CCP is already earning less with higher sub price.

About adapting with PvE: everyone would have to go get the most lucrative action in game, and that is just too dangerous for all of them being there at one time. The risk/reward balance is geting shifted massively in risk side when everyone decides they will do it. A lot easier is to play something else that you always wanted to play but had no time because farming rats in EVE for PLEX. What is sadest is that bots doesnt behave like that, they just function, and its hard for CCP to differentiate between player and bot sadly…

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Hey if it hurts botters,skill farms and RMT then I dont see the problem.

Alpha is a great price, so I dont get the objection.


It doesnt hurt botters and RMT made with bots as botters dont even need to have omega. Its low effort gain. CCP will be left with a bigger amount of them in longer run.

Bots mine in ventures now?

I had no idea.

Anyway, Im sure Hilmar has enough concern about his bank account without yours too

How about you take it up with who I was replying to, eh?

Bot can do missions, can mine, can rat in null, they are very sophisticated and behave like players mostly. They are tested to be like players.

Thats great.

And totally dodges all three counter points.


What do you mean that its great?

And what are those counter points you write about?

  1. Take it up with the person who said it in the first place not me

  2. why do you care about Hilmars wealth so much?

  3. You mention bot miners but then say bots are alpha. How is that possible?

Take what with who?

I dont care about Hilmar wealth specifically, I dont even consider Hilmar a good CEO, but business needs to earn money to grow and make products.

Bots being alpha is as viable for making ISK. Mining is one of activities that can be made with them, doesnt matter if its venture or praxis, or hauling bot. Its all being done, and programmed to behave like player, with randomization. Its efficient and alpha acounts can be made in droves. I know CCP knows, but they dont have much options to reduce their numbers. They are just too hard to find, and a lot of false positives happen when they try harder.

What we are talking about with the person who brought it up. I was simply glad to hear it.

Im not an employee of that company and neither are you so why care?

If thats true, then there actually isnt any point in playing the game as an actual player.

If ccp knows then what do they get out of it?

I dont know who. But that person probably can read it anyway. Its a forum and everyone can read it and pick up some points and write their thoughts.

Because I care about product while being user of it. I am the customer who wants to use product for many years in future.

As an actual player you dont care about ISK only but also other things, like other players and socialization, like experiencing things. Bots cant experience and socialize yet, they behave like players from standpoint of people looking at patterns. They have to be similar to a player enough for CCP to fail at finding them automatically. I dont know what CCP can do about it or what they get out from it, but I think the devs sometimes get headache when seeing data. For me its obvious that we will see bots and RMT forever, and CCP have to rely on other players to find bots as automatization doesnt work good enough to solve this problem.

Right, so if bots are everywhere, theres no point to play.

Bots are everywhere, but also players, we dont have only bots in game. At least yet.

Great ! Maybe all you freeloaders will stop being subsidised by those of us who do actually pay for the game !