Do you remember when PVE paid for Plex?

That is not a healthy way of talking about alpha clone status by a long shot.

Trial eve online is not freeloading eve online and this sort of label doesn’t belong here…


So you are one too right?


Shh. Don’t blow it :smiley:

Or just accept the limitations of one account :smiley:

Magic :smiley:

Yeah…until the ‘trial’ turns into 15 years and as many accounts.

hey you
pay for my EVE quietly

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Come to Brazil, live here, after you try repeat this non sense …


Nice joke…

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But, you is was my point :slight_smile:

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Easy there Vin Diesel.

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So, how’s that socialism and hyperinflation working out for you?

Hmm, this would actually explain why some players are getting blapped at Jita dock by nado gankers repeatedly.

If the difference between actual player and bot is so small, at that point it doesn’t matter does it? They might just as well be humans from my point of view. As long as I can interact with them I don’t really care if they are real players watching netflix while afk mining or a bot-script afk mining. They look same to me.

I can make around 9 billion a month with 2 toons by only playing for like 1-1.5 hour everyday.
If looting wasn’t an issue it would take less.

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