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So this should really say when paid with PLEX in the headline. The new Eden store logo is cute on the advertisement but that doesn’t communicate the fact you can only purchase in the New Eden Store until you click on it. Also CCP should really give a deal where you sell a package of 425 PLEX. If you still have to buy 500 PLEX it makes me less excited about celebrating 15 years of EVE.

Just my 2 cents.


So that’s why PLEX prices just jumped and keep on climbing. Why don’t I find this stuff out before everyone else?

C’mon CCP! I have tenure here. Us 10 year+ vets should get a heads up on these things. Or something. Anything. I don’t care as long as my entitlement complex is satisfied.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


2 isk, not 2 cents
c’mon, this is EvE

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Been here since 2003 and I something or other this message, plus I want stuff for original no transfer 2003 accounts cuz I have like three and want stuff no other pilot can fly and or use, and even more special useless garbage for us that have never used an inecter… Cuz ya know pay to win is bad M’Kay.

Because you’re not a CSM member. :stuck_out_tongue:


I see what you mean but 2 isk isn’t the fraction of the currency. No one says that’s my 2 dollars. So maybe that is my .02 isk is the correct way.

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I don’t think it’s the fraction of currency that matters in this case. Looking up the possible origins of the phrase, it could mean “twice the amount of opinion anyone actually wanted” or it could be a reference to the cost of postage. It could refer to the last bit of money someone’s got, such as the widow’s mites, or pennies on the eyes of the dead. Maybe in the context of EVE the amount should be based on the price of ammo? Or the lowest NPC bounty? Or the old cost of the cheapest medical clone to reflect the coins to cross into the afterlife?

The wording of the announcement is kinda vague - does any account that’s omega and active anywhere within 30 days prior to May 6 that will get Praxis, etc., or does hte account have to be in omega at least 30 days prior to May 6 and active anywhere within that time?

or a simple practical question - if I splurge 425 PLEX this weekend, do I get a praxis on my currently alpha account?

Usually the way these kinds of things work is they check a window of time, and if you were omega any time in that window of time, you get the thing.

CCP has indicated a delivery date of May 7 for the “goodies”. Maybe we’ll also get some free SP at the same time.

Yes. If you log in as an Omega before May 6th, you will get the gifts.

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