Is going subscription only the best way to save EVE?

CCP make a lot of changes, but ultimately, they’re doing it (quite rightly) because they need revenue. A lot of the nerf/buff balancing is done to provoke people into buying Plex.

They’re trying to manipulate us into buying something almost unwittingly, because there’s a ‘need’ for it, but if they just demanded a monthly payment, what would they really lose? How many characters are entirely funded by plex? Would those hardcore players just up and leave? I doubt it.

If CCP were simply given subscription funds from all of the current playerbase, would there still be a need to constantly tinker with the ecosystem to essentially drive ‘organic’ plex purchasing?

I know it would drive some players away, but so does nerfing everything constantly until the game just isn’t that much fun. One day it will get to the point where all of the time, effort and money spent by players will have been undone trying to manipulate people into just paying what they would have paid anyway to enjoy the game.


Looks like Web Only is their way forward, Eve Anywhere.

At least Linux finally gets their client. This means Linux customers actually get real support?

Also. Let us pay with crypto as an option. I don’t trust CCP and cards and them overcharging and then dealing with them or banks for refunds of excess or mistaken charges (and yes this has happened to people paying for Eve with cards).

At least let us buy Eve gametime codes/vouchers on the likes of Bitrefill with crypto. But I am not subbing or paying with a card.

If you are weak minded enough to feel you “need” to buy PLEX because of any changes, you need more help operating your space machine


You mean “space dock machine”.

Based. Lets do it

No not really

I get what you’re saying, I’m just considering the way the wind is blowing.

CCP is making an effort to get people to buy plex to a far greater degree than they used to. The fact that you or anyone else doesn’t do that is directly at odds with what they want to achieve as a business. If people can’t plex from their income, then that’s a win for them. Their ideal balance is one where everyone is making enough money to power the in-game economy, but not enough to pay for their account.

And of course, by promoting more losses of higher value, they inevitably lead to situations where a boost of ISK may be necessary for more people. Perhaps not the hardcore players or those with enormous wealth reserves, but certainly those who are on the plex borderline, or more casual weekend players who now likely can’t afford to lose more valuable ships or cargo more frequently.

So yeah, the options are there to avoid it, but all of this is cause and effect manipulation, whereas perhaps if CCP had a more stable revenue stream, they’d be slightly more focused on the game content, rather than the plex funnel.


With subscription and additional charges to access EVE anywhere via browser. :joy:

They’re not going to kill Alpha clones, they need a feeder in, also Alpha players still bring in money via the store and do consume plex.

They had sub only before, that died years ago.

What Eve Anywhere brings in is more customers on mobile uses, and also relieves the custom clients on platforms, they can unify them into the web and have easier support.

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Hey until recently I subbed exclusively so I get where you are coming from.

infact I probably agree quite a lot.

Im just sick of people saying “CCP IS MAKING ME BUY PLEX” and Im like, no, you are letting them think this strategy is a good one if you do.


Though EVE fared better back then. Ever since EVE went the macro-transactions path it has been a downhill experience.


Check the company revenues, see if it died or not. In fact they were acquired.

That’s just your opinion, you look to empirical evidence, such as company revenues. Player numbers have flattend off now from the drop before, it was sub only then changed to F2P.


As for company revenues, you would need to look to filings for that.

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Those are the wrong metrics to measure whether a company like CCP is doing fine in my opinion. Before CCP got greedy and started to ruin the experience, players were more satisfied, engaged more with CCP and more players were active.

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You look to revenues, how do you know your resteraunt is doing well? you look to the bookings. So you look to company revenues (bookings in the resteraunt example). If people are unhappy you see a decline in revenues. Nobody unhappy pays.

Go dig up the company filings for a break down of product revenues, if you can find it. Check the company registrar.

For a company, the only metric that matters is revenues.

blah blah McDonalds revenues blah blah your favourite Kebab joint’s revenues blah blah sunday dinner only £3.40 at home

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Can’t please everybody, nor should they try to.

Why you still here?

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Because they havent wrecked enough to chase me away and the current “scarcity” phase is making me around 1b min per day.

Why are you still here?

Eve isn’t dead yet, that’s why I’m still here, still hope for Linux support (with Eve Anywhere).

Is there any data on bandwidth consumption vs dedicated client?

I already pay CCP for Omega, I’m not buying PLEX regularly on top of that just to be able to counterbalance CCP’s greed. I’m not paying any more money until they fix their screwups, fix long-standing issues and add more content instead of more nerfs.
When I run out of ships I simply sell modules and resources to buy more or I grind some more.
To reward CCP by buying PLEX is the wrong way to go for the game. They will continue to screw up until players jump off the microtransaction wagon and stop buying PLEX.


Do you have Official data to back up that claim?

I’ll agree they may consume PLEX but that doesn’t mean Alpha players make money for CCP.

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