Character Bazaar Real Money Option

It would be dope to have a safe and EULA friendly way to sell EVE Characters for real currency. CCP could offer that in return get a handling fee like 10% of the value. Potentially also a good income stream for CCP.

Upon purchase the money goes to ccp. 10% is shaved off and the account officialy transfers to the new owner. Almost like average character bazaar trade.

So in recap :

Option to use real currency for character trading on the bazaar.
Handling fee charged by CCP.
Value based on Icelandic Crowns. (Ofc you get paid in your local currency)


Well this part is accurate

It’s a good idea and will help CCP with extra income.
I’d say 30% instead of 10% though.

Cool with that considering some 100m+ toons go for a grand and up on g2g

Holy ■■■■. What is up with all the P2W and RMT suggestions going on as of late?


50% trolls and 50% the new type of player CCP has encouraged with all this retention and recruitment they spent the last while changing EvE to accommodate

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I am playing since 2008 and neither am I trolling (which admittely is an exception)

Would have been dope for all eve content but CCP chose another path. As others will tell you a rmt universe would not look like you think.

Even if CCP got to grips with its botting addiction TQ it would be safe to assume would be a miserable place for most with RMT.

I would have enjoyed it but open RMT would require several changes.

A) a bot ban
B) a fairly moderated cluster

CCP is unwilling to implement either of these things so RMT in eve is erradicated on sight in eve & for good reason.

CCP has dumped quadrillions of free assets to pets, do you know what the value of isk would be if RMT was openly allowed? You could assume to buy even a faction titan with the change in your sofa.

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Buy plex for cash
Sell plex
Buy character.

The only difference with my sugggestion is that the seller gets irl money instead of a potentially useless ingame currency. How is that p2w compared go the existing system ?

Edit : To balance the real currency value against ISK ccp can, as stated work on a comission / handling fee, to potentially always make the ingame currency the better option unless you really want those pounds, dollars, shekels, yen, euros or whatever

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Wet dream of RMT cartels…

They make more on the “illicit” platforms

The technology is already there:

Mechanic is in place: buy plex => sell plex => use marketplace

I think it’s it now a business decision for CCP. I don’t think it will ever happen because now CCP get’s 100% cash from such transaction, why go down to 10% or 30%? Also most people can’t see trough current economic system so they would be outraged at CCP.

Thats a good point actualy.
I would assume the only upside is that ccp can cash in on the sale instead of currently where they can just cash in on the purchase

Terrible trolls who think they’re smarts and entertaining while in reality they’re just boring, obvious and unfunny.

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Welcome to the magical world of…

Everything I dont like is a troll


Only Trolls see trolls everywhere.

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