What WIS could look like , With Casinos, and Bars

Yes…no interaction BECAUSE IT NEVER WAS DEVELOPED ABOVE CAPTAINS QUATER due to the (loud) people that did not want it because it would have changed THEIR(imagined) game…This chance was forgiven because ccp did listen to those stupid old men that feared change…ccp should have shut them up and just do what would have been the best for the game.What followed is a game in which a new skin every week is way more important than game developement(all ‘events’ that followed are just copy/paste of incursions with slight differences in mechanics and involved npc,the actual ‘event’ is just incursions with a little bit of faction warface,but REALLY nothing new)…thank you fearful old men for being such crybabies about change…you are the sole reason this game is not advancing as it could have without you complaining.

Ongoing maintenance for captain’s quarters currently takes around 2-3 sprints, or 4-6 weeks of development work each year for Team Trilambda, the art team in house here at CCP Iceland.

This commitment of development time is also compounded whenever the team works on improvements to the visuals inside station hangars, as this work also needs to be pushed through into captain’s quarters, further increasing the workload and maintenance time.

After reviewing the condition of captain’s quarters, our software engineers confirmed that given the age of the code and middleware used for its design, if we were to commit to advancing walking in stations in the future, then the existing captain’s quarters and its underlying software would need to be removed from the client and rebuilt from scratch regardless.

After reviewing the usage statistics for captain’s quarters, we can see that the development time involved in maintaining the current state of the feature is significantly disproportionate to the number of pilots using the feature.

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