Is WIS done yet?

Hey guys I took a long break, considering coming back I used to manufacture POS towers maybe get back into that and check things out again. One thing I really looked forward to was walking in stations, they ever get it finished? I payed subs for a long time without even playing, and with such a large player base I know CCP has made alot of money and are getting paid to make the game they promised so looking forward to it.

WiS walked the long walk off the short dock some years back. It’s Hasta la WiSta, baby!


WiS was scrapped as no one was using Captain Quarters.

The summer of rage killed it off, but not because the idea behind wis was bad. CCP was sent reeling with the aftermath of that situation and had to focus on space related content for a long time.

CCP is finally getting back to where they were back then. With the introduction of Vanguard, we may once again see wis come back around. Hopefully with more focus on delivery and less on empty promises.


It’s gone and is never ever coming back.

Honestly, you should make a new char and go through AIR tutorial to get back into how EVE has changed because alot is quite different. And pretty easy once you know where the sources to make ISK are… WH space, Incursions, Explo, abyssal deadspace, trading, etc

Or find a good corp.

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No. It was scrapped because CCP is incapable of coding what every other MMO since Ultima Online has managed to do without frying their customer’s graphics cards.

Then it was bought by one of the premier character based gameplay companies of the current generation. I think we’ll see an outstanding station environment with character based gameplay soon enough. And because it’s PA. we’ll see Authentic Jiggle Physics™.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


This does not refute what I said. You just explained your own reasoning as to why no one was using it.

Players would’ve used it if CCP gave it another year of development and actually integrated some semblance of multiplayer into the feature that would let us yiff with our corporation members.

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Yeah it is disingenuous to parrot the official narrative which is just there so CCP can hide behind that lie. Of course nobody used it because all you could do is walk around in a room and next to your ship.

There was literally nothing to do than spend a minute in it every once in a while just to stare at it then move on with your business.

If it had actual content however… but of course the official narrative doesn’t talk about that as then they would have to admit it was their own failure that lead to the death of that feature, nothing else.


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