CCP Games Signs Deal To Use Unreal Engine 4 for Its Next Projects, Including An Action MMO

WORLD OF DARKNESS Vampire MMO round 2??

Said to be “action mmo”


WoW clone??

Will this save EvE???
Or kill it?

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CCP sold off White Wolf and IIRC WW has already contracted someone else to make WoD, for reals this time. So definetly not that.

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Here we go again

Are we taking bets on how long it takes this new project to crash and burn?


Dont be so negative. Now that the team assigned to the project knows how CCP management deals with none delivery I am certain they will give us the best Action MMO ever.

I am so hoping for game where I can kill somebody while they are trying farm that 211th fur from a critter. I will call my Guild GreenPeace.


If it runs on a PC then I’ll sure check it out.


Absolutely. It’s a golden goose considering how stupid your average “customer” is going to be. You won’t want to miss out on easy money, now would you?

If we go after CCPs development direction of EVE of the past 5 years, why do you even ask? Obviously!

It’s already dead. The bots just don’t know it yet.

The reason for failed software projects is almost always management. Like 99% of the cases. So good luck with that. And yeah, I’m a software engineer, so I kinda have experience. It’s not just the usual CCP bashing.

They’ll put it on life support like they did with Valkyrie 6 months after release top. If it ever makes it that far, which is highly doubtful. I bet 50B ISK on that one.

Its called being a realist, considering CCP’s track record :stuck_out_tongue:

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Nothing can go wrong. Go wrong… go wrong…


Translation: An extremely limited MMO you can play with a joystick because then you can distribute on multiple platforms and make more money.

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Always great when the money we invest in this game goes to support yet another failed endeavour from CCP. Because of course the FPS, MMO and RTS mobile markets aren’t saturated already…

Meanwhile, we don’t even have a functional map, chat system or agency. Players need to star realizing that if they want to see CCP focus development resources on EVE they need to start voting with their wallets. ie: Cancel their subs, stop buying PLEX and start logging in infrequently. Jita protests and mass outrage on Reddit don’t have any lasting effect.

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To be fair to CCP attempting to expand their business by creating other games makes sense because relying on a single 15 year old property as their sole source of revenue is incredibly dangerous. They simply must diversify in order to remain a viable business.

That being said, it would be great if they could devote more resources to update and repair defects in their flagship product.


Honestly the MMO I have been waiting for and all the people I know who play MMOs are waiting for is Chronicles of Elyria.

I had hopes CCP would of gotten on board with them when they were seeking a developers help but every time I hear a CCP project from virtual reality, to shooter games to “a vampire MMO” they honestly all make me cringe. Im just being honest here CCP but all your ideas sound horrible before development.

I also like the idea of Chronicles having major wars where players are mixed in with NPCs so you cant tell which are which, so battles can be that much larger and still have tons of player interaction. But Im sure people will interject either something about pay 2 win or automatic failing from a kickstarter.

Either way if your MMO or shooter is just like everyone else than im pretty sure your going to fail like everyone else.

Great, so what is going to happen is that they syphon cash, resources and dev time away from EVE. Clown around for some years and then have to come to the conclusion that caretaker devs are not the same as game creation devs.

Then they will use that engine in EVE to give us WiS alphatest the engine for the new game and tell us to stfu because :fearless:

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Unreal Engine…Unreal Tournament??..

Project Nova???

I hope whatever it is its not based on the EVE online universe since it doesn’t seem a very popular theme

Well, they have to do something for $$. This here isn’t going to feed them indefinetly and time is ticking. I mean, don’t get me wrong, even the original EQ is still running and can be considered as “successfull” from ceirtain perspectives.

But look at what happened over on Chinese server, that is what is coming here, the only question is how long until it does.

So CCP does need another good product with long term income potential. I don’t see why it couldn’t be based on or on a part of the Eve universe. There could even be some minor crossovers, maybe a ship line available here for which the skills could be obtained only in the other game, maybe something else.

It doesn’t even have to be entirely space based, could be Dust done right for example.

But its a tough thing to do. there are lots of really good games out now, I recently played Far Cry 5 and Assassin’s Creed Origins, many others before then, both of which were absolutely awesome, the graphics and immersion alone are very tough to compete with and if CCP can’t even bring this game up to par a bit more, not even all the way, just so it runs better on 2k and 4k, especially the UI, then how can they make a whole new competetive game ?


Well EVE related if it were a sort of dogfighting spaceship themed mmo it could draw some people. They had some experience from Valkyrie.Something similar to freelancer

I hope for an app to manage learning skills and do some PI and hopefully some in station hangar management linked to EVE online. Makes it easy to play on phone for people that can’t install and play EVE Online on their work PC’s.

Interesting… as we all know there are (at least) two entirely contradictory play groups in eve, whilst there is a degree of crossover between the two, let’s just call them action reward focused and planning reward focused.

There IS a demand for the action driven players, for something in the EVE universe, that caters more to that idea. This may be it. The crossover players will play both, the planning driven will tend to stay with current EVE, and the Action driven players will migrate to the New “unreal” engined game.

New players are far more likely to pick up the new game, and the more strategic will discover original eve as well and grow into loving EVE as it currently exists.

It may well be good for EVE as well as new EVE

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