Do you think Eve echos will effect EVE population?


So as eve echos is not far away Im interested in what people think will happen to the eve population.
Do you think it will go up or down?

To start with i was thinking uh-oh, but maybe the massive exposure of the mobile version will make more people aware of the pc version.

At the back of my mind though is a fear that if eve mobile becomes huge, our eve will just get dropped.

Has anyone seen actual gameplay? The website does not show much.

The impression I’m getting is that the mobile game will be fundamentally different to eve. Someone said it doesn’t have non-consensual pvp, i don’t see anything about a player driven market etc

Edit- presentation says it’ll have faction warfare in 2020.

Looks like it’ll be a mobile game for mobile gamers. And i wouldn’t expect that to do anything to eve’s playerbase.

Edit- gameplay trailer

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It’s God Awful - dreadful port to mobile - makes ‘Second Galaxy’ look good, really good…

Oh - Edit: both uninstalled btw


Just watched a video.
The guys like:

just think of a typical mobile mmo and put on a space coating

And then saw it has ‘auto-play’. Which seems to literally mean the game plays itself whilst you watch.

Couldn’t watch anymore.

Mobile gaming is a completely different animal to gaming. Which is why mobile gamers tend to be the butt of gamer jokes. I haven’t seen anything from eve echoes that’s going to attract anything but the most casual of gamers, which might even be a good thing for eve online.

Problem is, it’s not designed for casual players - they retained a lot of the clutter and complexity of eve (which works ok on a PC) and ported it to mobile - just …yuk… as if someone forgot it was meant to be a mobile game, or indeed, actually tested on a mobile device - or did any, non-eve player, play testing…

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It will have no effect because echoes will be another CCP failure. I have installed it, opened it once and was confronted with the complexity of EvE but on a tiny screen: unplayable. Deleted it ten minutes later.


I played Eve echoes as well. I completely agree with this sentiment.


I think EVE Echo will fail like all their other side projects. Not because it is another side projects but because it always is so extremely obvious that it will fail except it seems for CCP (and some random fanboys).


Eve Echoes isn’t a good enough game to pull people away from EVE.

The game is a highly watered down version of EVE Online and various fundamental aspects had been changed (for example, ship building required Planetary Production commodities for some reason). I doubt any actual EVE players will jump ship over to the mobile version. The only people I can see investing heavily into EVE Echoes are those who can’t cut it in EVE Online.

I suspect that most people play games because they want to be entertained. They expect to consume content provided by the developers. Eve gives us a sandbox with a few basic tools and says go entertain each other. Because of this, the retention rate will never be high - though fixing the stupid should help keep new players long enough for them to decide if Eve is the kind of game they want to play.

I’m not sure how a game that relies on player interaction to work translates to mobile where most play sessions will probably be short. If it’s a “theme park” style game set in the Eve universe, people who try Eve expecting the same experience will be disappointed.

Awesome can I AFK mine there too lol

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Idle games are a huge thing. They’ve figured out completely new ways of abusing people and getting them addicted. Sadly I can’t find that article I’ve once read about them, else I would link it to you.

Rest assured that, if you think this is nuts, let me tell you about “The MMO Simulator”, where you do nothing but watching a window containing stats and inventory and a single line of text telling you what your character is currently doing. On its own.

Humanity is ■■■■■■.


World of Darkness
Dust 514
Walking In stations
Project Nova

I bet this time it’ll be a total hit, lads! :rofl:


It is hard to believe that they could fail at World of Darkness - that franchise has a huge built-in fanbase. I guess the only way for CCP to fail would be spend 5 years developing it, then release nothing at all…

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Affect. Will affect EVE population.

I’ll just be on my way, then.

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If you can get people to pay for that, power to them.

It does seem like echoes will flop. Eve players don’t want a mobile game, and i doubt mobile gamers want the complexity of eve.

If eve echo’s was a good mobile game I’d say it would boost eve tranquility numbers it however is not. Instead it will reduce new player uptake of tranquility via brand damage.

Echo will be shelved in 2020.

Counter-argument: that “huge built in fanbase” wasn’t enough to keep the original company alive and profitable, and being an interesting tabletop RPG setting doesn’t necessarily translate to being a successful MMORPG.

Three of those were good games, Dust broke financially even, Gunjack and Valkyire were both strongly reviewed but VR just wasn’t mainstream enough, and may have also made money anyway.
Hardly failures. Games have a lifespan in some cases.

Walking in stations was not a game, and mainly died due to the memo and WIS getting linked in people’s minds.

The only failure there was WoD and CCP are hardly the only company to ever work on a game and then not release it because it isn’t working how they want.

Looks like the old Eve