Please use sense when evaluating player numbers

Really tired of, “Eve is dying because X”, “If only CCP did X”, and “This is what needs to be changed in Eve” threads.

Primarily because they all point at the login numbers without looking outside of EVE.

Phones have reshaped the entire PC gaming market - actually ALL markets. When is the last time you checked your bank balance via your PC instead of your phone even though you’re sitting at your PC? People aren’t buying PC’s/laptops… How can they when a ‘good’ phone wipes out their budget?

Newer/younger players of all games will soon never have touched a PC. From what I get out of ‘Removing the Skill Queue , Player Attributes, and revamping implants’ is that some people at CCP are looking to merge EVE Echo’s into EVE Online to leverage the 20y/o IP and pull in that market. But that’s pure speculation.

It just makes logical business sense, but what I’m afraid of is they will do it by dumbing down Eve Online instead of re-architecting Eve Online into a modern platform that can handle still being Eve Online and available on a phone OS. Primarily because they appear to have invested and focused on game development and not systems/data architecture (Though they have done an amazing job keeping it all working).

There will still be those, for lack of a better term, ‘uber geeks’ that will want the long term level of commitment that Eve Online requires though it will be a ‘niche market’ compared to the types of numbers CCP is looking to draw in to secure longevity and expansion. If Eve Online doesn’t find a way to get to a mobile future, it and all of us players will go the way of 500 piece board games in the 90’s.

They are a private business and don’t owe anyone anything, but the history they made won’t be saved by being just another dev house with a phone app.

I really had to get that off my chest.

[Late add: (I believe rants should offer suggestions) Getting PVP to be sustainable/enjoyable via game pads and steam integration - read revamp the launcher - would be a good intermediary step. if Players wanted more than PVP they may need to install on a PC.]

/end rant

This is where I realized you also do not know what you are talking about. The markets have been booming…


Fifteen minutes ago.

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Do you have the demographics on who is buying those? Real Consumers? Businesses? People under 40?

I base that on the real world numbers I see. In the last 10 years the 2.5 million users that use our products have virtually abandoned interfacing via PC and moved to mobile.

Thank you for helping to keep me employed

I check it exclusively on PC because it’s easier to log in on PC than on mobile devices. A PC is also easier to use than a mobile device and much less prone to erroneous inputs.


C’mon guys, it’s not that people are moving from PC to mobile.

Mobiles are getting more powerful and more games are being devolped for them, that’s all.
Then there’s the people who “grow up” or have real life stuff to do and then they quit playing PC games or at least quite games that are a second job (EVE for example).

On top of that there are new games being launched and also a lot of people who stick around a game for a few years and then they just move on.

EVE will die eventually because this is normal.


EVE already stated going mobile only next year so why the negativity?

Do you have a link for that? I somehow missed that.

There’s no intentional negativity other than to be tired of threads that think dropping login numbers are ‘the proof’ that the game is being mismanaged and that fixing this or that would ‘fix’ it.

They are always myopic.

Yea lol always on my pc, I don’t trust my phone for ■■■■. Literally don’t keep a single important thing on my phone.


I hate using the word “copium”, but this post wreaks of it.

The control systems on phones have always been and remain garbage.

This is why there is no gaming revolution on phones bar very simple puzzle style games.

Touch screens are still ass compared to a mouse or joypad


Gives us something to post about when we’re bored. Just like the gank threads, all positive.

Most arguments are just to fill the body of the OP, once in a while something outrageously false slips in or ranting then the fun starts.

That’s like saying baguettes have reshaped the entire landmines market. Phones aren’t PC’s and there’s consoles to consider. PC gaming isn’t going anywhere.

I just gifted a PC to my 12yo nephew.

This morning.

I’m glad you told me… and leverage it for what? CCP already has Echoes.



It bad enough trying to make my drones behave with a KB+mouse.
With a touch screen it would be like trying to herd cats.


What speaks more to the real disconnect, if there really is any? The fact that people do still use computers to access stuff on the internet or the fact that we have to point it out to people?


Also a game being available on PC doesn’t mean it is not also available on mobile, either as is (mostly) or in the form of an actual mobile port.

Edit: Btw personally I can’t stand touch screens even for non-gaming stuff, I almost exclusively use PC (desktop and notebook) for everything let alone gaming.


EVE echos is made by a different company it will never happen. I can say this with 100% confidence.

CCP has been working on EVE anywhere (EVE on a browser) It’s connected to the main EVE game looks very pretty graphics wise. Some drawbacks however is increased disconnects because it’s all cloud stuff. Wonder what we might see next on EVE anywhere.

EVE is simply too big to port to a mobile game in my opinion. We have so many disconnects on PC as it is. I HIGHLY doubt EVE will go fully mobile but I will leave the door open to it happening.

I agree phones have reshaped the PC market. Phones are quite powerful and are only getting more powerful. They have so much space these days it’s crazy. I take it with a grain of salt that people aren’t buying pc’s/laptops. Pc’s and laptops are still a critical part to a person’s productivity for work/online college/literally anything a phone can’t do.

Like all products EVE has it’s viable lifetime. There will be a point where it’s not worth reworking something or adding something in. My closest comparison to a game that is entering its final legs is Elite Dangerous. Elite is going into a maintenance mode with minimum content and mostly lore stuff. EVE is not where Elite is at but it will get there in its own time.


Yes, Elite’s average player count in the last 30 days: 3752

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Let’s see someone try to multibox a 10-man fleet on an iPhone. Not gonna happen…


Some of them were playing EVE too. But there is no $20 sub there.

There is always migration.

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