PC game market is shrinking and competition is growing

Competition in the PC gaming market is increasing and starting to fight for every $.
What new CCP offers is to survive on this increasingly competitive marketplace???

A mobile game.

PC is holding pretty steady in that graph. It fairs better than consoles. The graph only shows percentage rather than total revenue as well.

So the pc game market may not be shrinking (probably isn’t). It’s just not growing as rapidly as mobile and tablet.


EvE is a niche game. Its not supposed to compete as a mass market game, otherwise the general public would have heard of it.

Also, given that smartphones are almost PCs as it is, I dont see why I cant play EvE on my phone.

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Hey, if the low quality trolls are now allowed to keep spamming threads,
maybe we should do so as well.


I dunno, I can never think of things to start threads about, so I dont ever bother.

I just tend to point out when someone’s thread makes no sense.

Then they get annoyed and call me a troll because they can’t argue against my elementary level of logic applied to their stupid idea.

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I have to admit, I too don’t know what to make a thread about.

There really isn’t much to complain about, except for the assholes who keep making threads because they think they’re entitled to spreading their cancer everywhere. Like the OP. Or the other guys. It’s a sad mirror of modern societies, which breed defenseless, powerless weaklings who have nothing in real life.

In a way should we be thankful for the delusions of these people, because without them the forums would probably be rather boring and they will not ever achieve anything at all anyway. I’m well aware that these people are rather sad and worthless on the inside and I wonder how they’ll end up when the game is, in no way or form, going the way they want.

All evidence points at them being on the losing side, which is further underlined by the fact that they have a need to continuously tell us that things are going to change in their favour.

It’s not going to happen, and that makes them our clowns.

I like that.



Yes, thats about the only thing that bugs me as well.

Sure there are mechanical things in game that could be looked at, but what most of these folk want is a different game. They cant deal with the idea that some people like this game, and that they (the complainers) should find the game they are looking for, rather than change the game we love/like/love to hate to suit them.

I doubt they would stick with their EvE 2.0 like we have stuck with this hobbling old mule.

And yes, they dont seem to have got it their way even after years of stupid suggestions, selfish indignation and then name calling.


Yeah, they wouldn’t

For the vast majority of these people it’s not about the game at all. It’s about the people. Most of them have problems accepting that they’re losers in real life and thus want to get rid of the people who are better than them.

“Clown” probably isn’t the right word.
I need to find a better term.



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That wouldn’t reflect their status in our community.

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True, but they are far far more bitter than any vet I have ever met

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That’s true, but still.

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They are like sand, they get in the gears.

Maybe they are sandcrabs.


Get back to real theme of this thread…
Does Eve have future and could CCP survive next few years?
Why would someone invest in monthly subscription if game going to die ???

Oh hey Pix!

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Hey Sol. I’ve also thought about doing that, but it would require me to stoop to their level, not sure I’d want to.


There’s no risk of lost investment when you can try for free for as long as you like.


Never not use the weapons of your enemy, otherwise they have an advantage.

Though, anyway, there’s no chance you’d drop to their level.

You only post quality, my friend. :slight_smile:

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What abou the people invested time and money in X000 of PLEX ???

What return were they expecting for this investment?

I certainly have had more than my fair share of fun for my $15 per month for ten years.

How about you?