Halo Huston we have a problem, CCP stayed in 2003. and gamers went towards:


EA has itself a winner.

EA, ewww. No thanks.


The ■■■■ does this have to do with Eve? EA is garbage.


Make eve battle royal?
Point of thread?
Confused?..yes i am.


The OP suffers from chronic butthurt because CCP won’t ban PvP from EVE. For some reason he thinks that posting that other games exist is somehow relevant.


What about that EVE NOVA tho? No news on the horizon?


But why did Butthurt LSG post about a PVP game if he so hates PVP?

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Looks like there’s such a public here that I have to draw simple pictures to be understood. The OP shows what PVP audience is today, and what is today games whih the CPP has to compete for new subscribers. Currently, this is an inaccessible goal for them and therefore their number of visits and subscriptions is declining.

Not sure, most posts by the OP are a incoherent mess full of spelling mistakes. I suspect he cannot handle the harsh death penalty in EVE. However if CCP followed his line of thinking in mindlessly chasing whatever is currently popular on the market then CCP would have started out developing a World of Warcraft clone like so many other failed studios. In contrast finding a niche for a space PvP game has kept CCP in blow and hookers for a long time. Although it wouldnt hurt if they went a bit easier on the blow and spend some more time on their core product.

Yesterday it was Fortnite, and before that, PUBG.
Meanwhile the long running games continue with varying degrees of loyalty from the players.

This is a trailer, 8.8 M views !!!11111oneone


I have no doubt I will play The Outer Worlds, and just like after Fallout 3, Fallout Las Vegas, Fallout 4 and Fallout 4 Far Harbor once I’m done with it I will return to EVE.

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You ( one ) would but other ( X000 ) wont!

New kids in block challenge every advance that Eve had …

CCP will have to fight hard for every gamer …


Oh look, it’s another LSG thread bemoaning that Eve isn’t for them.

@OP and Mimi’s alt Shitemark, move on, there is nothing here for you but ridicule.

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Oh look Jonah do not have solutions for Eve challeenges and tried to look smart by going ad hominem.

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I’ve been finding solutions to the challenges of playing Eve for nearly a decade, you on the other hand have merely been whining that you can’t find your own and instead demand CCP change the game.

Most games spoon-feed you content, in Eve you have to make your own spoon, or steal one from somebody else; apparently either is beyond the likes of you.

tried to look smart by going ad hominem.

I don’t need to try to look smart when compared with players like yourself, it’s fairly self evident.

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:popcorn: :popcorn:

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