Good morning, real talk

Good morning

The video game industry is growing but EVE Online is shrinking.

There are the 3 potential overall causes as far as i can see

  • CCP has given up on EVE but if you want to pay them they are willing to pretend working on it
  • Friendly, yet incompetent people are in charge
  • EVE Online is the best it can be and the best people are working on it and its natural for games like this to lose players when the video game industry is growing

Im curious to hear your thoughts of why EVE is not growing?

There is the assumption that old games just die, and that may be true on a long enough timeframe. But if your video game used to atttract lots of players, and now it doesent, its probably because you â– â– â– â– â– â–  it up. Older games like Euro Truck Simulator 2 is managing to consistently grow it seems.

What is the solution? Step 1 is to realize there is a problem. Thats all. Have a nice day.

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Oh great, another thread with you crapping on EvE again.


Haven’t played since May of 2017, I think I logged once in all of 2023 (to check whether I still reminded my passwords) and I’ve had two long stretches of playing one single game for years since I won EVE. I just come here to bullsheethe and share music and cat pictures but have little idea of what’s the state of the game, nor do I care at this point.

I still hold that CCP will burn in hell for what they did to Incarna and WIS, that CCP Seagull did more harm than good and the game would be in a better shape if it had kept the once massive PvE highseccer demographic engaged and appealed to the kind of people who PAY to play FF XIV for the fashion endgame.

Damn, even now I would PAY to dress dolls and customize dollhouses in EVE with the sweat of my missioneers and miners, specially since Scam Citizen is a dead end and E:D never went down fashion road before running out of ideas.

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If the underlying game isnt solid skins and transmogrification is like putting lipstick on a pig

Have you even ever seen Miss Piggy? Hawt.

The chart…does it include mobile and console games? Because the mobile game industry is experiencing a booming period right now.


Ah…your usual totally dishonest attempt to fob people off with a sawn off graph that has a deliberately dishonestly chosen start point, a deliberately sawn off base at 15,000 and a deliberate exaggeration of the vertical axis.

Meanwhile back in the real world of honest graphs…this is what it actually looks like up until May 2022


People who throw these graphs around (and I mean in general, and not just the OP who’s only trolling) don’t seem to understand that the mobile sector represents something like 80% of all gaming revenue and accounts for most of the growth in the industry.

Diablo Immortal, an objectively terrible game, alone makes more money in a day than EVE does in an entire month. People have no idea how much money is made by terrible, shitty phone games like “Hero Wars” for which you get annoying YouTube ad spam. They’re worth billions. I have like one PC gamer friend in my entire city, but every time I take the bus or train, I see dozens of people playing Candy Crush or one of those crappy coin-jumping games.


Last year EVE cleared $50m.

I don’t think they care what anyone one these forums think.

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I see numerous Youtube ads for games that are worse than some 70s arcade game. Games that require the intellect of a gnat. I cannot imagine there is much real functionality on a mobile game, or content displayable on a 6 inch screen. Indeed…saw an advert for Star Wars mobile game earlier and the combat graphics are just comical…and make one appreciate the amazing graphics in Eve.

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“Old Game” is where i stopped reading. This is not the same game released 20 years ago and it is not the same game it was 2 years ago. It is constantly evolving with new content and mechanics.


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Good morning, real talk

Let your mind be disappointed by the time you lost clicking on this!
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Anyone here familiar with the term useful idiot? Caus thats the vibe im getting from ya’ll

What is the solution? Step 1 is to realize there is a problem.

Last sentence in OP

Please search the internet for “tattooed pigs” and be prepared to learn something…

Why do you feel the need to keep quoting yourself ? You keep doing that. Or is it just that you forget which of 100 alts you are posting on.

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Hey smooth brain what if you focused on the points trying to be made instead of who made them

:point_up_2: That

It isn’t growing because the fun activities are hard to get into and hard to do. EvE is a hard game with a steep learning curve and even once the curve is past it stays a hard game.
Also, it isn’t finished and is expensive.

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What points ? Just your usual dishonest graphs. And why would anyone even care about the views of some guy who has no record of even having played in over 7 years ? And who’s glorious record consists solely of 69 corvette and shuttle losses when they were playing. You are irrelevant.

@Altara_Zemara The graph you posted shows the same as mine. Decline over the last 10-15 years. You dont get to act like no-one cares about what i write when you yourself seem to go out of your way to respond. I hope you have a wonderful day.

This is not the same game released 20 years ago and it is not the same game it was 2 years ago

@Power_Armor If its not the same game compared to 20 years ago is it better or worse compared to then? How do you explain the decline in players over the last 15 years. Curious.

No it doesn’t. Your graph uses a classic dishonest truncation. A widely known method of exaggerating the curve of a graph by sawing off everything below some arbitrary level. The visual representation deliberately enhances any rise or fall. In addition to that, you have ALSO truncated the graph at the left at some arbitrary higher point…yet another deliberate visual misrepresentation.

I had to do Statistics for my computing career. Part of that was learning all about devious and dishonest statistical or graphical representations.

Have you thought of a career in politics ?