EVE as a Mobile Game Only

After EVE Vegas 2018 presentations and recently published changes to the gaming industry projects, I’m worried about the future of EVE. EVE requires a lot of subscription time and resource investments to evolve your personal game play style towards the meta level as: marketing, hauling, corporations, PVE, PVP, industry, whatever. Personally, I’m not a fan of any mobile game and I’m not going to play EVE on mobile. Therefore, if it is a chance that future expansions will be mobile only, then I’d like to know it now to change my current game style since it will happen. I’d like to put together some ‘dots’, I have collected about it, to share with you.

At EVE Vegas 2018 Opening Ceremony (10:00) was presented a mobile version of EVE – EVE Echoes (iOS/Android).

PC, Console or Mobile games should exist, may it be, but only PC, only Console or only Mobile games is a wrong concept. There are different game concepts which are good for PC only, for Console only or for Mobile only and trying to put them on a wrong platform will be a fiasco, no matter how many investments will be spent for it. Almost all racing, sport and pure RPG games are good for Video game console. Almost all MMORPG, MMOs, Simulators, RPG games are good, or just designed, for PC platforms. Almost all arcade, racing games are good for mobile platforms. It is designed by the client device requirements, game play, social interaction, UI (including the peripheral controllers).

I’m in ‘modern’ EVE for 2 years and I tried almost all possible game play styles from exploration, invention and industry to marketing, FW fleet PVP, gate camping, solo PVP, Meta politics (aka gathering information about 0.0 groups, low-sec groups, their mercenaries, their deals, their alts, why they are stacked at special position and etc). So, I can say for sure that EVE can’t be recreated as a mobile game not currently, not further. It can be something new, something differently, like Sid Meier’s Civilization or Stellaris. The console and mobile devices can’t recreate the “interaction experience” of EVE. Posting into countless chats in game and third-party applications will be horrible on console even with a linked keyboard. But this turns console into emulated PC. To display and navigate through a lot of tables on mobile will be horribly and I’m not eve mention how it will support fleet battle of over 100 players. How to implement the core and unique TRUE EVE mechanic on mobile devices – Local, Overview and D-Scan? Who will undock a Titan on mobile devices with a Wi-Fi internet connection?

Even with previous and many more other arguments, it is still possible the EVE on Mobile ONLY in the future. Similarly, to EVE politics, lets talk about IRL IT politics. The EVE big battles usually aren’t the war itself, it’s a final and formal stage of a war, where it’s required to blow up the abandoned and broken ■■■■. The real war is happening daily in small fleets, systems, stations, corporations. The same is in real life. The presentations at EVE Vegas, Fanfest, Blizzcon, whatever, is a final stage of what was decided and done during the last couple of years. The IT trend determines the future of a game, but not the player’s demand.

I’m not considering myself a video game fan. I play regularly only a few games, which I like, and I don’t care that they are overhyped or underhyped. Among them are Skyrim and Diablo II/III. Few years ago, Bethesda announced a mobile minigame version of Skyrim. OK, why not? Now they announced that the next expansion of The Elder Scrolls VI will be a mobile game only! Years ago, as an April 1 joke, Blizzard announced a mobile version of Diablo. At BlizzConn 2018, Blizzard announced that Diablo IV will be a mobile game only! I’m so disappointed and I imagine how disappointed are those fans, compared to me. For streamers, how they should stream those games on mobile devices?

Therefore, here are the new IT trend phrases “flying around”:

  • “We need to respect mobile games”;
  • “Do you guys not have phones?”;
  • “Mobile time!”;
  • “April 1 fool jokes aren’t jokes anymore”.

Interesting! Isn’t it? Well, I promise to play a bad mobile game for one year, if the game company owners, which want me to do that, will replace the steering wheels in their luxury cars with mobile devices to drive them with two fingers like:


To (at least it has a steering wheel):

I mentioned the Elder Scrolls and Diablo franchises, because they are old and good as EVE franchise is. Those games, with their franchise, made those companies. Blizzard become a quality video game company not due to mobile games, Hearthstone, not even World of Warcraft – but because they made the Diablo II, which was the best RPG ever made and is still in the top 5 of the best RPG games ever. Elder Scrolls franchise made Bethesda, with Morrowind expansion and all its political in game relations. The Skyrim is a gorgeous game, with a gorgeous graphic, which runs well on cheap machines. In Skyrim you can pass the game with long range or short-range brutal force, unnoticed by using rogue specialization or without performing a single strike completely by using illusion specialization – a lot of skillful ways to play the same game.

Why this happens? Why there is not will anymore to create applications and games for both platforms: PC and mobile? Firstly, because it’s linked to the current mobile hardware market with their hundred of millions sells and easily to develop annual mobile games will motivate users to by new phones. How many Full HD monitors do you bought during the last 5 years? Secondly, mobile game projects are easier to develop for a gaming company – it requires less time and man-hours, with the potency to get near the same revenue through micro and macro-transactions.

Finally, I’d like to share the video blogs of two dedicated gamers, which played those games over 15 years.

A Qun69’s high quality blog

The most experienced Diablo II/III player’s video blog


I made it through the first paragraph before I got bored. I’m not sure what you rambled on about for so long, but if you’re worried Eve will become a mobile game, you can relax. That won’t happen for a multitude of reasons.


I also read a paragraph, plus I skimmed, but the car pictures lost me.

My “big” mobile idea is that we could have crew who are “gunners” and those gunners would be mobile players.

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That flop on Diablo at con is amusing. It was like EvE Vegas and “please clap” panel. Both showed mobile games presentation to computer/console users. What did they expected? Mobile market is huge in asia. Those idiots spend three times on mobile monetization than woukd on AAA game. CCP want to hop on that wagon and make that sheckles, because why not? Furthermore whole developement did netease. What’s not to like? As long as players will pay for those market will be spinning.


For better or worse, I think PA is gonna make a lot of games that are set in the Eve universe.

Maybe this is a reason why mobile games are so “Lets Go!”. I tried to explain the current crisis into modern gaming industry. It’s hard to do with a thrown phrase like: “Cool”, “Go away”, “Shiny!” over the give likes and report panel. Moreover, it must be a EVE related content and must explain how EVE can suffers from this gaming crisis.

Let me explain.

I mentioned about The Elder Scrolls and Diablo III games, which had firstly a simple mobile parallel version time ago and now they are presented as mobile only games for iOS and Android now. CCP presented to us at EVE Vegas 2018 a mobile version of EVE - EVE Echoes, which is published by NetEase Games in China. NetEase isn’t a publisher only, but a huge mobile game developer in China. So, CCP using the same ‘script’ as Bethesda and Blizzard have used.

Some experts in gaming industry suggests that Blizzard not doing video games anymore. The Blizzard games are made by NetEase Games as mobile versions only for Asian and EU/NA regions. NetEase Games publish their mobile products under Blizzard’s high quality brand. Now look at EVE and Pearl Abyss and all that thing around that deal, if you remember. The PA CEO stated that he bought not EVE and not CCP mainly, if to be more simple and accurate, but IP or in other words - a CCP’s franchise. So, I’ll not be surprised if NetEase Games will not only publish EVE and EVE-Echoes, but will be makers of future expansions of these games on mobile platforms only and will fill the Apple Store and Google Store with such one year projects like: Clash of Corporations, Clash of Regions, Clash of Goons, Clash of Titans, Clash of Alliances.

These news for Diablo turned into a huge and negative community reaction - half a million down votes (with my).

As a result, their shares fall by 6%

If you can’t read few more paragraphs, then spend 10 mins of your life and watch those two video blogs in the end…

Diablo 4 is not the same as Diablo Immortal.

Diablo Immortal is basically Diablo 2.5. It’s the story between 2 and 3.

Diablo 4 is coming. They decided last minute not to announce it at blizzcon.

You can call it not Diablo 4, but the latest edition of Diablo franchise. Diablo Immortal is basically Diablo 2.95 , due to what fans saw at Blizzconn. If Diablo 4 is coming, who knows when, it can save the situation.

Another paragraph reader reporting

I like the quotes tho, like “mobile time!” that sounds really fun
who said that?

Freighter pilots would be one step closer to AFK.

We can confirm that Diablo 4 is indeed in development. One of those sources told me that the Diablo team wasn’t yet ready to commit to an announcement, as Diablo 4 has changed drastically over the past four years and may continue to change further. (We’ve heard it’s gone through at least two different iterations under different directors.)

On October 17, two weeks before BlizzCon, Blizzard put out a blog post that essentially told fans Diablo 4 was in the works but would not be at the show. “These are very exciting times—we currently have multiple teams working on different Diablo projects and we can’t wait to tell you all about them . . . when the time is right,” the company said. “We know what many of you are hoping for and we can only say that ‘good things come to those who wait,’ but evil things often take longer.”

Kotaku is the source on that.

Now see… this is your problem right here. TL;DR. Or watch, because honestly, I have no interest in spending the time to watch them either.

Summarize. Explain what needs to be explained. Your OP could literally have said everything it needed to say within a single paragraph. In short… get to the point. You can always add more detail if there’s a misunderstanding.

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Here’s the real crisis:

Too Many Pixels!

Where’s my EvE Space Miniatures game?!

–Old-school 3D Gadget

You can wall-of-text however you want, but the caravan of mobile games will get through!

Man, you are easy to please. You are satisfied with that crap? A tiny screen, hideous controls, seriously compromised features? Perfect customer right there for greedy contemporary companies.

Should autonomous driving ever really take off, I would want to have a really nice laptop on my ride to do serious gaming with proper controls. I can have that already when I ride trains or long-distance busses, so I don’t see any need to compromise just because some greedy company can’t program properly and competently.

Its because people in asia play on mobile phones. They do that because they must. They are in motion or in the work. Majority dont have time for pc gaming or console gaming, they just use mobile phones while riding metro or bus. Or they go to park and walk and check on mobile from time to time.

Some companies always go with the latest hype. That does not mean everyone will. If EVE gets abandoned and only has a future on mobile others will create a similar game on PC. There are more PC games coming out today than ever before.

While mobile gaming may be a huge business because of the amount of devices and players, it is also a casual market. And like with normal apps, the gold rush with games will soon be over as the competition gets bigger and the revenue spreads thinner among them.

And I’m not even sure if EVE has a chance there. I guess it will be a seriously dumbed down version with only a fraction of the stuff the PC version offers. Another CCP title for the trash can…

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Who’s Kotaku?

“These are very exciting times—we currently have multiple teams working on different Diablo projects and we can’t wait to tell you all about them . . . when the time is right,”

Like this?

Clash of Necromancers, Barbarians vs Diablo, Lord of Terror Online…

BTW, Josh-Mosqueria (game director of Diablo III) left the company not long time ago. It means that a project like Diablo IV on PC, if it is possible, is far-far away.

Your elitis attitude over this thread makes me to think that you act like a forum advocate. If somebody is trying to say or write something, you just quickly intercept with a phrase: “This is irrelevant!”. You don’t want to understand what the thread is about, but trying to judge how the thread was written. It’s not a fu-king court.

This thread’s text style isn’t a question, a critical review, a sharing post, a tweet. I choosed to write it in a news-writing style.

News writing attempts to answer all the basic questions about any particular event— who, what, when, where and why (the Five Ws) and also often how —at the opening of the article. This form of structure is sometimes called the “inverted pyramid”, to refer to the decreasing importance of information in subsequent paragraphs.

You didn’t read nothing, but you are free to put ‘Summarize’ points over what was told. Interesting?! If there is a big thread, over which I’m ‘not on rails’, then I can post a short post as an assumption only.

Hehe. Very well. I see.

I’m sorry about this anti-gadget thread.

You should have been to write

– It hurts Gadget