Is EVE Echoes intended to be a port?

Is it intended to make the entire experience smartphone-compatible?

Will it have portrait mode? Should it have a phone VR mode?

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EVE Echoes is basically a different game in EVE universe. Graphics are the same, but gameplay-wise it is not a clone of EVE, and would not be. Skills are very different and not actually required to fly ships or install modules, for example; it’s your tech level that decides what you can and cannot fly.

EVE Echoes runs in landscape mode, and making a portrait mode would take a lot of work to reposition all the elements on screen. Don’t think it would be actually done.

No, it’s not intended to be a port.
It is its own game with its own experience that is based off EVE Online.

So does that mean eve online will never be on smartphones? This couldn’t be some attempt to see how close a phone version could get to the PC version?

How’d you do it? The guy below says there is no portrait mode for it.

nope my bad, yes hes right im wrong, it runs in landscape, i mis read that last question.

CCP has not released any information that suggests they will directly port EVE Online to smartphones. EVE Echoes is a separate game with its own separate servers from the main EVE Online game.

No. At the end of the day, they are two different games designed for two different purposes.

It just seemed so similar, I wondered if it was an attempt to see how many EVE online elements they could fit into a smartphone.

If we haven’t made it clear yet. It’s not.

They should make an eve smartphone client though. I would like to gank freighters in Niarja while at the office.

But AFK mining would prosper then.

No, you have, I just wanted to express my former thoughts.

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