EVE: Echoes, Why Does This Exist?

For anyone not looking at youtube they posted this video

I’m not really sure how this particular thing is going to be “good” for the games image myself because its going to be a heavily watered down experience and are people really going to want to have to grind EVE twice? :stuck_out_tongue:

Its like having an alt with zero benefits

Just tell me it is a separate game so it may die alone without hurting EVE


Don’t think it is particularly aimed at people already playing eve.

Think it is only to try to gain some footing on the mobile market or something.

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Lol Hilmair said “PLEASE CLAP” after each mobile trash game trailer

Lol greed is good

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But in all honesty…

I can finally mine plagioclase when on the move . Going to make that daily commute SO MUCH MORE exciting!!! Can’t wait XD


Just another micro transaction filled pay to win mobile game… this time with spaceships and tons and tons of salt probably…

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Just another useless mobile game in an already saturated market… unlike EVE on the other hand… but ah well, another EVE spinoff can’t hurt. :confused:

More mobile crap.

Right but its going to be mined on what is essentially a second EVE server, so will it really even matter :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh I don’t mine it for the ISK. I mine it, cause the lasers goes Bzz! Bzz! Makes me chuckle… hy hy. Now I’m going to have the time of my life when riding that bus to work.

Looks like Runescape Mobile is getting uninstalled so I have room for this.

“Why does this exist?”

Simple - To begin making inroads into the mobile game market as CCP (hilmar) has wanted and PA is positioning for (Asian mobile market especially).

Alternate new eden. So it’s not your character. It’s a fresh one.

Working on crap like this is why EVE Online has to settle for band aid solutions and nothing ever gets completed.

Repeat after me:



It appears as though the “work” is being handled by a third-party with CCP overseeing the project. Regardless, all things come in time. Even if it’s a few years.

yeah, one give me that amount for my business, I still can keep it , and can do what desires with my IP, of course no doubt…
Ain’t got a clue how to handle such a complex UI of eve with a mobile, but well, nothing like the big screen , kb and rat… lol
mouse , well…



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I would assume this is meant to get people interested in the actual game.

Cam … with how many alts do you need to post in here?

Ask PA. Everybody announced already, that CCP is going into mobile game markets deeply, which isn’t for zKillborad, Dotlan, Reddit/eve, Discord/subgroups users, ah, of course, and EVE users.