Eve Echoes- The beginning

I started to play Eve Echoes. If you want a fresh eve. You can try it. The auto pilot is amazing. Its safer than manual piloting. You can afk. Your ship will arrive at its distination even if you’re logged off.

You can also check the price of product of whole new eden ingame. You don’t need an outside website

The minerals are so abundant.:blush:

I believe that neatease has a good vision for Eve Echoes.

Check it out for you to experience the good features of Eve Echoes. Maybe its weird at first but you will love it when you experienced it.

Don’t forget about their amazing insurance system, or the removal of non-consensual PvP from HS.

It’s just like Eve Online, but better.



Yes. There is no skill injector and no

multi boxing, no bots. The game is improving.

I honestly thought you were being sarcastic. But whatever. If you like it, don’t let me piss on your parade.


Not yet. :grin:. CCP is still part of it.

Echoes is not doing too good really though

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Eve Echoes is dying. They also dubbing it like that.:sweat_smile:


I’m not getting it. What’s the point being able to ‘play’ afk? If you want to play a game, play a game. If you want to do something else, do that.

Maybe I am too old for this new generation stuff…


Well, if you want to go to places to do stuff at these places, getting there afk while you do more productive things is totally viable. If I am at place X and need to go to place Y and can do so passively while I do some real life work to earn some money or clean the flat, it’s much more productive than sitting at you computer and repeat the same 3 clicks every 2 minutes for an hour.
Few things are more boring than having to travel 30 jumps to a system and getting mouse hand strain syndrome from it. Old games and many single player games have the same mechanics, they are just called differently, for instance, fast travel.

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Oh thats only for travel, I was thinking it applied to more activities

I can’t say for sure whether afk farming things applies to other areas as well. I only know that it exists for traveling.

sure there is Multiboing in EO …

Gotcha.:laughing: this is EE term.:grin:

So, you mean, Multiboxing is forbidden? Can you show me a link, which is proving that, like eula or something else??

I mean EO and EE are terms used to say Eve Online and Eve Echoes. Term they are using in Echoes.

God :wink: What i meant was EE :wink:

I am currently playing 3 Chars in Eve Echoes…

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Multiboxing in EE.? I need more than 1 smartphone for that.

or just one personal computer :wink:

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Can PC run it?

you can run any adnroid app with bluestacks