Arcade style EVE?

Is there an arcade-style version of EVE?
Or, a Minecraft/Fortnite style?

Something not as deeply into training and corps and skills etc as the main EVE Online game is?

Something younger kids (10-11) can get into right away w/o being bored over all the learning curve?


I think the mod of Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion that makes it EVE flavour is back.

Looking on their site, do you know the mod name?

Sins of the Empires IIRC

There is eve echoes.


Looks like in 2017 CCP issues a cease&desist" order against it. :frowning_face:

Thanks anyway.


That was my other thought. Haven’t looked deeply into it.

How hard is it compared to EVE Online in terms of needing to train into skills, ships, etc?

I’m concerned a young kid will get frustrated with all the setup and bored waiting to skill into a decent ship.

echoes is a mobile game.

keep in mind the age limit is technically 13 so if someone under 13 is playing they shouldn’t be playing alone…

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I used to play that game a long time ago. It was fun. Hmm…

Not sure about the current state of these and if you want the EVE-O type of tactical control instead of a first person one but thought worth mentioning them.

Also never played them so no idea if they are good games or not.

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Chorus looks like a modern day Starfox. It has some bugs and the writing is bad, but game play is supposed to be really fun. And it’s been out for a couple months now. So, hopefully they’ve ironed out some of the bugs.

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