Eve Echoes

Officially open beta as of today. I haven’t gotten a chance to play it yet but from the gameplay videos on Youtube it looks close to vanilla EVE as we are going to get. MEmu is a good android emulator if you’re looking to play it on the PC.


I guess you where not around for vanilla EVE right? Or do you mean because it is an unplayable mess?

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No I was not around for vanilla EvE, my reference was to the lack of things like super caps, sov and null blocs that have come to dominate EvE of today. The game is playable for the most part, I am using MEmu and its handling pretty well. Just stay away from Jita for the time being.

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Part 2 from Nobutadas

Here’s a couple more

Letter from one of the developers

Also, December’s data report

AMA NPE Part 1

AMA NPE part 2

Footage of the final open beta event. 600+ players on grid

Eve Echoes is worth it, especially if have that need for an Eve Fix when you are far, far away from the hub.

Eve Echoes should be interesting when PvPin as well. It should be set up similar to those roaming games like Our World.

If you have Eve Echoes installed and allow it, your game would ping smartphones around it for other smartphones with Echoes installed and PvP allowed. Once pinged the two Capsuleers would go would at it.

Well, I haven’t really been paying attention, but no PvP in highsec? No, or very limited, warp scram/disruptor capability?

I guess we will get to see how non-viable a carebearified version of Eve really is. Maybe if they change enough other things this may make a fun consensual fleet fight game or maybe limited-hour PvE game, but they are never going to get a real economy or virtual world off the ground with this rule set. They will have to seed/regulate the markets and create the illusion of an economy forever.

And skill injectors from the beginning? That means they will be selling SP directly as no one has SP yet - firmly P2W especially when no one is “catching up” but just getting ahead with their credit card. They are going to have to balance PvP encounters with such a heavy hand, it likely will require full-on match making mechanics to be fun.

The prospects for a real open-world PvP/economy game coming out of this seem remote to me now. It was always a bit of a pipe dream to think they would use this second chance to fix some of the major flaws with Eve and create a better version of the original game, instead of just another P2W trash mobile game. But I think there is no more doubt so I can stop paying any attention.

Well, I wish them success on whatever form their monetization machine turns out to be. At least it might still drive some new players to the real game.

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They added a new intro late into the beta which I completely missed out on. Wish they did something like this for EVE PC. Starts at about 12:30
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Trello roadmap

New interview with a lot of good questions

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Great news on the capsuleer outpost; they will be attackable.